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Über Vaginal Plastic Surgery & Vaginal Beautification

It is more than 12 years since Toronto Cosmetic Clinic started performing vaginal plastic surgery, as a pioneer in this field.

The term “vaginal surgery” encompasses several relatively simple procedures, which can tighten, beautify, restore and improve natural functioning of a woman’s vagina, perineum and labia. The gynecologic specialist at our clinic is by now one of the (if not the) most experienced surgeons in this field in Canada, and we are proud of our long list of satisfied clients.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery Procedures at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Recently, we have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of requests for various types of vaginal surgery, as more women have become aware of the availability and potential benefits of these procedures. It has also become more accepted in our society for women to embrace their sexuality, and as a result it is now less of a taboo for her to seek improvements to this important area of her life. Years of experience have shown that these relatively simple and minimally invasive procedures are very safe and effective, dispelling any reservation some might have felt initially when elective vaginal surgery was a “new” thing.

Clitoral Hood Reduction (also called Prepuce Reduction):
This refers to the trimming of the skin folds that surround the clitoris, to increase sexual pleasure and improve visual appearance. When the prepuce covers the clitoris excessively, it can prevent sufficient friction for sexual stimulation. In some cases the skin-folds of the prepuce can protrude so much that it causes pain and discomfort when wearing tight clothes and during intercourse. Carefully removing excessive skin, can dramatically increase sexual pleasure through stimulation of this spot which is how the majority women achieve orgasms (even more so than through stimulation of the G-spot located within the vagina).

This procedure is the surgical (or non-surgical) tightening of the vaginal passage. It is performed to repair certain medical conditions (such as uterine prolapse or urine incontinence), and also to improve and restore sexual pleasure through increased friction.

Vaginoplasty was originally invented as a remedy for urinary incontinence, through the restoration and firming up of a collapsed or weakened vaginal wall which interfered with normal functioning of the bladder. As a positive added benefit, many women reported increased sexual pleasure after having this type of surgery. Since then, many techniques have been further developed, targeted to increase sexual stimulation during intercourse. Surgeons now for instance make incisions tailored to retain elasticity of the tissues, which allows for increased blood flow and erectile functions (which are also an important part of a woman’s sexual response). Very fine and precise surgical methods which require no - or minimal, tiny stitches result in far less scar formation than with earlier methods intended to remedy urinary incontinence alone. However, new vaginal tightening procedures have the same effect as the “old-fashioned” types of surgery; they provide support to the pelvic walls. Thus, women who now get surgery to tighten the vagina in order to improve their sex-life, can also experience that any problem with urinary incontinence disappears!

Traditionally women would have to have surgery to tighten the vagina noticeably. However, thanks to excellent innovation in the field of laser technology, we can now also provide excellent non-surgical, non-invasive vaginoplasty procedures in addition to the traditional surgical methods. Using the laser in a non-ablative mode (which does not cut or “burn” the skin) the dermal layers are stimulated to generate new collagen structures, which plump the tissues and increases elasticity. Simultaneously, selective cell structures are targeted and “shrunk” at different depths within the skin, which has a tightening effect. For more extensive repair and when more dramatic results are desired, surgery is normally recommended.

This Procedure is a set of procedures that involve the labia minora (inner lips) and labia majora (outside lips) of the female vulva. Asymmetry, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and perceived deformities can cause pain, discomfort and embarrassment. It can prevent a woman from participating in certain sports, or from enjoying sex and intimacy. An enlarged and/or sagging labia can make a woman feel so uncomfortable that she might avoid wearing certain types of clothing (such as a bikini or tight pants), and many avoid situations such as showering in public at the gym for instance. These problems can indeed cause a lot of limitations in a woman’s enjoyment of life. With techniques that are far less invasive and “scary” than many believe, our specialist gynecologic surgeon can provide the correction that is required. He has already improved the lives of thousands of women through his years of experience with these types of surgeries.

All labia-plasty procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, under general or localized anesthesia. Each singular procedure is generally completed in less than an hour, including the anesthetizing process. The total amount of time spent in surgery is of course depending on whether other procedures are performed simultaneously. Thanks to excellent laser technology, the specialist gynecological surgeon can perform these beautifying and corrective procedures with the most delicate precision, and so much faster than with more traditional scalpel techniques. The use of lasers has also proven to dramatically speed up recovery time in patients, and to significantly lowering bleeding frequency (amount of blood-loss) during surgery.

Recovery time from labiaplasty vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the type of procedure performed, and individual factors. Normally, she can return to work within about a week. Full recovery and healing generally takes about 4 - 6 weeks, after which normal sexual activity can resume.

Many women choose to have other procedures performed at the same time as labiaplasty. Some of the popular procedures are Vaginoplasty, Labial Puffing, G-spot injections, and laser de-pigmentation and textural improvements.

Refers to a set of procedures and techniques that involve removal or reduction of scarring caused by vaginal child-birth and episiotomies, removal of excess skin in the perineum (the area between the rectum and the vaginal opening), and tightening of the perineal muscles.

Weakened and stretched perineal muscles and tissues can greatly reduce a woman’s enjoyment of sexual intercourse, as it can prevent appropriate muscular contraction and friction. These muscles are the primary muscles of the vaginal area which can be controlled during sexual intercourse to create a stimulating sensation for the man as well as the woman. Weakened perineal muscles can also interfere with proper bowel movement functioning.

Exercise can sometimes improve the strength and tone of these muscles, but if the muscles have separated, have healed inappropriately after injury, or are stretched out past a certain point (which sometimes for instance happen during child birth), no amount of exercise will help. With this surgery, the muscles can be tightened and repaired to improve functioning.

Scarring is not uncommon after an episiotomy. This scar tissue can be very tough, and resist stretching. When a woman experiences sexual arousal, it can hurt, as the area swells and causes a pull on the scar tissue. Wearing tight clothing can rub against the thickened scar tissue and cause pain, chafing and discomfort. Effective laser techniques can reduce the amount of scarring, and restore elasticity and comfort.

Some women experience a sagging of the skin in this area, which can create pain and discomfort. Some even avoid wearing a bikini or shower in public as she feels embarrassed. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic we can effectively and permanently remove excess skin and tighten up the area for increased comfort and well-being.

This is the surgical repair of a woman’s hymen. This procedure restores the hymen to a pre-sexual state, which can be important for some women for social, cultural and/or religious reasons.

The hymen is a membrane that partially covers the lower part of the woman’s vagina. The membrane, when not ruptured, is normally a concave shape which partially covers the entrance to the vagina. Intercourse, as well as some rigorous forms of exercise, horseback-riding, falls and traumas to the area, can all rupture the hymen. Some are even born without one.

Hymenoplasty is a relatively simple procedure. Traditionally, the edges of the ruptured hymen are stitched together with tiny stitches. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, we often instead utilize a specialized laser technique which allows the edges to fuse even more naturally through a healing process. The surgeon will determine the most suitable option on an individual basis. Both methods are performed in such a manner that there would normally not be any visible scar formation to “evidence” the procedure; the hymen looks naturally intact. This is important for some women from cultures where the virginity is confirmed through visual inspection (normally before a marriage).

At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, hymenoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia. The woman can return to work within a day or two. As with any form of surgery, rigorous activity should be avoided for the first couple of weeks. The area will normally heal completely after about 6-8 weeks.

While many women choose hymen repair for cultural, religious or social reasons, some of our clients have opted for hymenoplasty to surprise their partner; as an anniversary gift, or simply to spice up their sex-life! When the hymen is restored, the vaginal channel is also tightened as a result. This could have positive benefits during intercourse for both partners, as a tighter vagina causes more friction and thus increased stimulation.

Some clients desire a hymenoplasty procedure as part of a healing process, after a negative experience such as for instance a sexual assault like rape. We have a compassionate and experienced staff, and always do our utmost to treat all our clients with absolute discretion and care. We normally do not probe extensively about the reason why someone wants this type of procedure. However, is a client chooses to share this information, we of course do our very best to go above and beyond to further ensure the most positive experience possible at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

After hymenoplasty the woman will normally experience some pain during the first intercourse, with some bleeding as a result of the rupturing of the hymen.

Mons Pubis Reduction:
The mons pubis is located at the lower part of the belly, and is connected to the labia. In some women, this area bulges out excessively, and forms a skin-fold that hangs over the upper structure of the labia. This is common after dramatic weight-loss, or as a result of stretched out skin during pregnancy. A mons pubis reduction can be done via liposuction, or by surgically removing the extra skin and excess fat deposits. As the mons pubis is connected to the labia, this type of surgery can also improve the profile of the as it tightens the skin and provides a lift.

Various Vaginal Plastic Surgeries can be performed simultaneously, or in combination with other common Plastic and Cosmetic procedures, such as for instance:

G-Spot Injections:
These are tiny injections of a natural filler, which increases the size of the g-spot area. As a result, it is much easier to reach this area for sexual stimulation, and women experience increased pleasure from intercourse. This type of injection is commonly administered at the same time as for instance labiaplasty, and also on its own.

Laser De-Pigmentation & Textural Improvement:
Lasers are excellent tools for removing pigment spots, discolouration and broken capillaries. The light-beams can target just the discoloured area without damaging adjacent skin-cells. Different types of light can interact with very targeted colour pigments, at varying depths of the skin in a non-invasive and virtually pain-free manner. Some women experience a darker edge along the labia minora (inner “lips” of the vagina). If the area protrudes excessively, the surgeon can easily remove the excess parts and thus get rid of the discolouration. Laser de-pigmentation is another option, and is often preferred by women who are happy with the size of the labia minora, but still wishes to get rid of the discolouration.

Lasers can be used in a non-ablative mode (i.e. with no cutting and no burning). The light is passed over the skin, and the patient will feel a slight pulsating sensation. The light beam is interacting with dermal structures at different depths within the skin, increasing circulation, and promoting cell-matrix re-generation. This can have a tightening and plumping effect on the skin, and is a popular non-surgical labia-lift method. This laser-treatment method is safe for all areas of the body, and is also a popular way of achieving a more youthful complexion in for instance the face and neck area, and for tightening underarm “flab”.

Labial Puff:
Non-surgical injections to firm up and create a more youthful look to the labia majora (outer lips) of the vaginal area.

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Why would a woman want vaginal plastic surgery?

Some chose vaginal surgeries to correct medical conditions (such as uterine prolapse or urine incontinence), and we are very pleased to be able to help in these cases. Nobody should have to suffer the social stigma and life limiting effects of these conditions.

Many women choose this type of surgery to increase sexual pleasure. Sexual satisfaction is an important part of any intimate relationship. Good sex strengthens the bond between the partners; this is a known fact. A tightened vagina will increase friction and improve stimulation for BOTH parties. However, while it is true that some women do this to better be able to please their partner sexually, in our experience the majority of our clients actually do it for themselves. The partner’s positive experience is an added benefit; as is the resulting strengthened relationship.

In addition to labiaplasty and vaginal tightening, vaginal surgical procedures can also correct displeasing and embarrassing asymmetry, discolouration, and remove excessive skin which causes pain and discomfort, and/or prevents sufficient stimulation for sexual enjoyment.

So much of a woman’s sexuality is dependent on the psychological aspects of how she feels about herself. Besides the physical improvements, these types of procedures can also give her self confidence a great boost. And self confidence and body image, for a woman, is very important for her ability to enjoy intimate sexual relations.

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It is All about Empowerment…

Some critics of Vaginal Plastic Surgery find that it is not “natural” to tamper with a woman’s private parts; that the changes that happen as part of aging and child-birth are to be accepted. Somehow it is “vain” for a woman to want this type of improvements, and doing Kegel exercises is supposed to be a cure-all for any sort of problem. Others state that “no woman should have surgery to please a man”, that it is degrading for her to do so.

Many women go through dramatic events such as child-birth. While this obviously is a completely natural occurrence, nobody questions the fact that it can also cause serious damage to both the appearance and functioning of her genitalia. As a woman is in her prime child-bearing years generally before she reaches 40, these changes happen when she is very young! We think it is a woman's right to reclaim her sexuality and to feel good about herself. She should not have to go through the rest of her life unable to derive enjoyment from intimate relations, or to feel ashamed of her appearance in any way.

For men, there are pills which can allow him to remain sexually active, as age and other perils causes inability to perform and enjoy intercourse. It is about time that women are allowed to do what they can too, to improve upon their sexual enjoyment! Vaginal surgery, to us, is about female empowerment, and certainly not about degradation. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic we are not trying to create or promote some unnatural “ideal”. Our aim is to restore natural functioning and comfort, improve upon her self-esteem and allow her to fully enjoy life; of which sexuality is an integral and important part.

Some opponents also cite that women can do Kegel exercises to tighten their vagina. While it is true that this to some extent definitely can help; many do not know how to do them right, and it’s a lot of hard work. And it is not easy to even remember to do them! If the muscles have been stretched too far, or have separated (for instance through childbirth or another form of injury) Kegel exercises are completely futile, and surgery is the only really effective remedy. We of course do not question the positive benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle in general. Being physically fit is beneficial to anyone’s sexual functioning. This is obviously true also for men. Many men would greatly improve upon their ability to “perform” by for instance losing weight, doing exercise and getting enough sleep. However, the fact remains that men can easily get hold of pills that allow them to perform in bed. We are not telling them to simply do some sort of exercise or to “suck it up” and silently accept the status quo. Nobody would refer to men taking potency pills as “tampering with nature”, or question the validity of a man’s desire to enjoy this part of life. Shouldn't this be a woman’s right, just as much? We definitely think so, and we are very happy that more and more people in our society seem to share this view, allowing more women to improve their quality of life through reclaiming sexual enjoyment.

While we absolutely think female anatomy is amazing and naturally beautiful, we have seen so many cases of lives being improved - and greatly strengthened relationships - as a result of various vaginal surgery procedures performed at our clinic. We regularly receive e-mails and phone calls from happy clients (and their partners!) who just want to thank us and tell us how much happier they are now. This shows how important the availability of these procedures are to our clients, and the tremendous impact it can have on their quality of life.

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Laser & Vaginal Surgeries

A lot has happened in the last two decades. New techniques have been invented, which have proven more effective and less invasive. Better tools are also available to the surgeons; most notably new and extremely precise laser technology, which allows for faster, more delicate and safer surgeries. We have also found that performing surgery with lasers, has lead to greatly reduced recovery time for our patients.

Many clinics truthfully claim that they have lasers, but in reality hardly use them for surgeries. They still primarily utilize scalpels and older techniques for the actual surgery, as their technicians and surgeons have not received the appropriate training. As a result they may use the laser for simple procedures such as disinfecting the incision site, or the tools used to perform the surgery. However, since the main components of the surgery is not performed with laser, the patients miss out on a plethora of benefits, such as speedier and much more precise surgery, smaller (or non-existing) incision sites, dramatically reduced bleeding frequency, vastly reduced time spent anesthetized, and much shorter recovery time. Certain procedures (such as laser lipolysis) is simply impossible to do without laser.

At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, we utilize laser extensively (almost exclusively), and have been for a long time. As a result, both our gynecologic specialist surgeon and technicians are experts in their use. We pride ourselves on making the absolutely best and latest technology available, and our surgeon has access to top-of-the-line equipment in our clinic. Needless to say, we also make sure that all training and credentials are kept completely up-to-date among surgeons and technical staff alike.

As the leading provider of laser vaginal surgeries in Canada, a large number of our clients come to us based on word-of-mouth referrals from friends who have had a successful experience at our clinic. We are thrilled to have had the honour to assist thousands of women (and their partners) improve their quality in life through vaginal plastic surgery.

To learn more, and find out if any of our vaginal surgery procedures might be right for you, just give us a call or e-mail to schedule an appointment with one of our client consultants for a chat about what we can do for you!

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