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About Vampire Lift

Have you asked yourself why the vampires are fascinating?

Are you aware of vampire facelift?

This may sound too scary but when you are aware of the non invasive procedure used, you are not going to be scary about it anymore.

The vampire Facelift is the new procedure which is a result of clever marketing. You need to take advantage of a Twilight phenomenon and this is just one the name given to a non-surgical procedure.

The fibrin and autologous platelet process system that uses the person’s blood in preparing the products which helps in the administration of the concentrated platelets with the tissue building elements such as Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix or the PRFM.

This is like any injectable filer but it does not use other substance like collagen or hyaluronic acid since the procedure is about using own blood so that it may be processed and to concentrate amount of the platelets or with more elements that are needed to build the tissue. Such processed blood is re-injected in order to get the same volume boosting results which other injectable filer is able to achieve. This makes the skin to reshape the facial contour or the skin to be smoother.

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Vampire Lift

Vampire Lift Q & A

What the vampire lift does, compared to the filler that uses hyaluronic acid?

Vampire lift is going to reformat and to restructure the dermis of your own skin in order to improve the overall tone and the textures. It is going to reduce the creepiness with the fine lines that are being seen within the skin. The hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm or Restylane adds volume. The two fillers with Vampire lift may work in the conjunction in order to add the volume and to rejuvenate your skin while improving the overall look.

What are the downtimes?

Normally the downtime that you may suffer is the bruising after the vampire lift. This is going to depend on your own body but when you get the bruise, it is going to last for some days but not more than a week. A bruise is covered by the use of the mineral make-up in order to camouflage it. However, not every patient is going to experience the bruise. You are going to experience only some swelling but most of the swelling is going to subside in 24-72 hours. In case you are planning for a big event, you should avoid the injection within a week before

What is the suitable area to have a vampire lift?

The popular areas are décolletages, hands, neck and face.

How long does it take to see the results from the vampire lift?

The results that are noticeable may take around 4 weeks but the time is the key ingredient because it takes some time to wait for the collagen to start being produced.