Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening)

About Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening)

The information about the vaginal beautification

Vaginal surgery is the term that encompasses different simple procedures which are used to restore, to beautify, to tighten and to improve the natural functions of the woman labia, perineum and vagina.

Vaginal plastic surgery procedure done at Medical Inn Clinic

In the past few months, we had an increase of the people who wants different types of the vaginal surgery since many women are getting to know about the availability of such procedures and the benefits they can get from them. It has also become acceptable for women to enjoy their sexuality in our society and this means that it is no long a taboo for the people to seek for the improvement for such area. The experience of many years had shown that such procedures are not that invasive and they are effective and safe which dispel the reservation that many people were feeling about the elective vaginal surgery like something new.

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening)

Clitoral Hood Reduction also known as Prepuce Reduction

This is the procedure that trims the skin folds which surrounds clitoris and which increases the sexual pleasure while it improves the visual appearance of the vagina. When there is too much prepuce over the clitoris, it may prevent enough friction that can lead to enough sexual stimulation. In some cases, the skin folds at the prepuce may protrude too much and it can lead to discomfort and pain during the intercourse or when wearing tighter clothes. When the excessive skin is removed carefully, it may improve the sexual pleasure when such spot is stimulated and this is how many women are able to achieve the orgasm (sometime it is even better compared to the stimulation of a G-spot found in the vagina.

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This is a procedure that can be non surgical or surgical and it is used to tighten the passage of the vagina. It can be used for repairing some medical conditions like urine incontinence or uterine prolapse. It also restores or improves the sexual pleasure through an improved friction.

Vaginoplasty was meant to be used like the remedy for the urinary incontinence and it helps to firm up and to restore the weakened and collapsed vaginal wall that may interfere with the bladder functions. Many women reported better sexual pleasure as an added benefit after they have undergone the surgery. From that time up to now, there are many techniques that had been developed which target to increase the sexual stimulation while having sex. Traditionally, the women need to undergo the surgery so that it may tighten their vagina in a significant level. With the latest innovation in the laser technology industry, we are now able to offer the best non invasive and non surgical vaginoplasty procedure besides traditional surgical methods. By the use of the laser as a non ablative mode which will not burn or cut the skin, dermal layer is being stimulated to make new collagen structures and this plumps the tissues and it increases the elasticity. The selective cell structure can be targeted and also shrunk so that they may be different depths in the skin which offer the tightening effect. When there is a need to undergo extensive repair and to achieve dramatic result, the surgery can be the best solution.

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This is the procedure that includes different types of procedure and they involve labia minora or inner lips with labia majora or outside lips of a female vulva. Perceived deformities, loss of the elasticity, sagging of the skin and asymmetry may lead to embarrassment, discomfort and pain. It may prevent the woman against participating in some sports or from enjoying the intimacy and sex. When a woman has a sagging or enlarged labia, it may make her to feel uncomfortable and she may avoid wearing some kind of clothing like tight pants or bikini or she may avoid some situation like showering in the gym or in the public. Such problems limit the women to enjoy their lives in different ways.

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It is a surgical repair for the hymen of a woman. This is the procedure that can restore the pre-sexual state of a woman and it is important for many women because of religious, cultural and social reasons.

A hymen is a membrane that covers partially the vagina of a woman and its lower part. When the membrane is not ruptured, it is going to be in a concave shape and it can cover partially a part of the entrance of a vagina. The intercourse together with trauma, falls, horseback riding and other form of exercise can rupture a hymen but there are some people who were not born with it.

Even if some women may go through the hymen repair because of social, religious and cultural reason, there are some who choose to undergo the surgery so that they can surprise their partners like an anniversary gift or when they want to spice up the sex life. When the hymen is being restored, vaginal channel will also be tightened at the same time. This is going to bring positive advantages during the intercourse for the two partners since a tight vagina leads to better friction and it offers increased stimulation.

There are clients who want to undergo an hymenoplasty to be a part of a healing process when they had a bad experience like rape or other sexual assault. Our staff are experienced and compassionate and they try their best to treat the clients with enough care and discretion. We do not ask mostly in details why a person would like to undergo the surgery. But when a woman decide to share such information , we are going to do our best to make sure that she gets positive experience from our clinic, Medical Inn.

When the hymenoplasty has been done a woman can experience a certain level of pain during the intercourse and some bleeding can take place after the rupturing of such hymen.

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Mons Pubic Reduction

The mons pubis is found at lower part of the belly and it is connected with the labia. There are some women for whom, this area bulge too much and it can make a fold of the skin which hangs on an upper structure of a woman’s labia. This is most of the time common when a woman has lost too much weight, it can also be the result of the skin that stretch out in the pregnancy. The reduction of the mons pubis may be done by the use of the liposuction or by removing the extra skin or the excess fat surgically. Since the mons pubis connects to the labia, this type of the surgery also improves the profile of the labia and it tightens up the skin while providing the lift.

Different types of vaginal plastic surgery may be done at the same time or they can be done in the combination with popular cosmetic or plastic procedures. The following are some examples of these procedures.

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The G spot injection

This is a tiny injection using natural filler and it increases the g-spot size. This makes it easier to reach such place during the sexual stimulation and the women may experience better pleasure during the intercourse. Such type of an injection is normally given together with Labiaplasty or it can be given alone.

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Textural improvement and laser de-pigmentation

Laser is known to be the best tool when it comes to removing the pigment spot, broken capillaries and discolouration. The light beam is used to target the place which have discolours and it does not damage the skin cells around it.

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Labial puff

This a non surgical injection used to create and to firm up a youthful look of the labia majora or outer lips of vaginal place.

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Why women would like to have the vaginal plastic surgery?

There are some women who choose to undergo the surgery because they want to correct some medical conditions like urine incontinence or uterine prolapsed and we are always happy to help women with such problems. No person that should have to suffer because of the stigma or because of the life limiting effects of such conditions.

There are women who choose to undergo different types of surgery in order to increase their sexual pleasure. The sexual satisfaction is always important part of ever intimate relationship. Having good sex can strengthen a bond that it is found within the partners and this is a fact always. When the vagina is tightened, it improves the friction and it improves stimulation for the two people. Even if many women may wish to please their sexual partners, most of the clients undergo the surgeries so that they may be able to please themselves. Positive experience of the partner is considered like added benefits because it leads to a strengthened relationship.

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The most important thing is about empowerment

Men have the pills which they can use to be sexually for a long period since many perils and age may lead to the inability of performing or enjoying the intercourse. It is now the right time that women can try everything so that they can improve their sexuality. The vaginal surgery is about empowering women and it is not about degradation. At Medical Inn Clinic, we do not promote or create unnatural ideal. We are looking to restore the natural comfort and functioning, to improve self esteem and to allow the women to enjoy fully their lives and sexuality is important and integral part of the life.

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Laser vaginal rejuvenation or LVR

You can get Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation at Medical Inn Clinic. This is how we perform most of the vaginoplasty surgeries. The difference found between the LVR with traditional vaginal tightening is in the surgical procedure which is being involved. Traditional technique for vaginal tightening requires the use of the incision done by a scalpel but the LVR uses a proprietary procedure which specializes in the laser technique in order to eliminate and to minimize the blood loss and it reduces the intensity and the length of the recovery. LVR is also used to treat the primary symptoms for vaginal looseness or the stress caused by the urinary incontinence.

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Vaginal tightening procedure done at Medical Inn Clinic

In the consultation, a surgeon of Medical Inn Clinic is going to help you in determining the right treatment in your case in order to achieve the results you want. You have to make sure that you had told the person in charge about your expectation and concerns so that he can guide you on how to be physically and mentally prepared for such procedure.

Surgery is done by a physician who is experienced and who has extensive knowledge about the female physiology. The procedure is on outpatient basis which means that you will be able to go home the same day. There are other procedures which may be performed together with it or alone to revitalize completely the aesthetic structure of the genital area of the woman.

The incision is made in a genital area so that it can join together a loose muscle at the back of a vagina so that the vagina tissue and muscle can be tightened. A diameter of the opening of the vagina is reduced when the vaginal lining or mucosa is minimized. This leads to the tightening of the vagina and excess skin is going to be removed. When needed, perineoplasty may be done. This is about correcting the area found between the vagina and anus or perineum to return to the normal state. When this is completed, the incision is going to be done using the stitches that dissolves on their own. The scarring is going to take place in the vagina’s insides.

Guide to the Vaginoplasty procedure

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2. What happens after the vaginal tightening?

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The perineoplasty is the surgery that involves the correction of the area found between the anal areas with the vagina in the women. Many clinics consider the procedure as a separate surgery or a separate procedure not included in Vaginoplasty. However, our surgeon includes such repair in the vaginal tightening surgery if you wish to get it.

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Recovery and risks from the vaginal tightening surgery

After Vaginoplasty done at Medical Inn Clinic, the full recovery takes around 6-8 weeks and this depends on the level of the treatment and the patient. The time needed to be off for the work, may be from 2 to a week. You have to stay away from the strenuous activity or sports during the healing period. There are women who may heal faster while others may swell or bruise more compared to others.

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Book for your consultation

It is time to decide to be in charge of your well being. The first step is finding how Vaginoplasty is going to help you when you visit the consultant of the patient for an LVR consultation. You will get all your questions answered and you can get more information about the procedure.

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