Fat Freezing

About Fat Freezing

About CryoMed® (Fat freezing/melting)

Even with the healthiest lifestyle in combination with sports and diet, some fat cannot be simply expelled. Countless Situps, jumping, hours of cardio and small meals dominated by fresh vegetables – the fat remains at some places of the body, and taunts us by flourishing and accumulating. It is incredibly annoying and discouraging for both men and women. That’s why many decide for cosmetic surgery as a solution.

Persistent fats can have a negative impact on a desirable body shape, add dents and rings that interrupt the beautiful curves and lines of the human body. Mainly on thighs, buttocks, hips, flanks and belly, fat is the first thing what we want to get rid of, but it is the last thing that goes. Unfortunately, this is so characterized by our physiology.


Fat Freezing

Understand the persistent fat

Fat tissues and the fat cells, which constitute it, are the places where energy is stored in our body. This energy is in the form of fat and can be used for different purposes, to warm and insulate our internal organs. There are two main receptors in fat: alpha and beta. This is the key to understand the persistent fat.

Alpha receptors are responsible to prevent the breakage of fat cells. Beta receptors on the other place do the opposite: they order the fat cells to break up to supply energy to the body. Receptors are stimulated to act through natural hormonal processes.

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Blame the location!

Thighs, buttocks, abdominal muscles, sides and hips, where persistent fat stays, have less beta receptors than alpha receptors. Therefore, this fat has a lower metabolism. In addition, a limited blood circulation and ample estrogen receptors make the persistent fat accumulation a cinch. Therefore, it is more difficult for us to get rid of fat in these areas and then to maintain it.

For years, people have turned to cosmetic surgeons as the only way through which they could get rid of this fat. Liposuction was one of the most popular treatments. The operation is no longer the only solution.

It is not necessary to undergo an invasive procedure to get rid of these unsightly rings and bulges that destroy your beautiful curves. The MEDICAL INN clinic offers a non-surgical treatment for the removal of persistent fat: CryoMed ®, melt the fat!

CryoMed ® uses the potential of cold, to melt the persistent, subcutaneous fat in just a few short sessions, generally without side effects! With healthy eating habits and a training plan, you can get the body you have always desired.

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