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Information about Tummy Tuck Surgery

A Tummy Tuck is also called Abdominoplasty, it is the surgery meant to shape and to flatten the mid-section. Medical Inn Clinic offers a Tummy Tuck Surgery to help the people to get restored confidence and in bringing back the youthful shape of the body. The basic description of the surgery will remove the excess fat, tightens the stretched abdominal muscle with loose skin. It helps in creating the tone and the definition on the waistline. Because the surgery can address many aesthetic concerns all the procedures will bring out the life changing and powerful results.


How should I know that I need to get a tummy tuck?

The first reason why you need to consider a Tummy Tuck is if your midsection appearance is bothersome. You can feel tired, frustrated and embarrassed of the feel and the look of the stomach. This is a personal decision and it does not have to be performed in case it is not what you want. If you have the following characteristics, it is good to contact our office Medical Inn Clinic to learn what you should do about it.

  • Stretched and hanging abdominal skin
  • The fat found around the sides and the front of your abdomen which is stubborn to lose even with healthy diet and exercising
  • Separated or weakened abdominal muscle as a result of gaining too much weight or as a result of the pregnancy.

You should also be:

  • At your stable weight
  • Healthy in general
  • Not thinking about getting pregnant in the future
  • If you do not smoke
  • If you are mentally and emotionally prepared with the expectations that can be realised

You should keep in mind that abdominoplasty is not meant to treat the weight loss or the obesity. It should not also replace regular exercising and good eating habits which should be a part of your entire life so that you can maintain the results.

What benefits can I get from a Tummy Tuck?
  • Removal of too much skin
  • Having a defined waistline
  • The removal of all or some of the stretch marks
  • Tight and toned abdominal muscle
  • Removal of the fat
  • Smooth and flat mid-section.

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A full Tummy Tuck surgery done at Medical Inn Clinic

This is also known as complete Tummy Tuck and it is a procedure which is considered to be extensive because the patients who want to undergo the complete Tummy Tuck may need to undergo a high level of correction. This surgery corrects the deformities found within the mid-section and this includes excess fat, stretch marks, loose skin with separated abdominal muscle.

To begin, incision has to be made from a hipbone to another, horizontally and it is positioned on the bikini line. A second incision has to be made on the belly button. The tissue and the skin are separated away from the muscle and the flip flap is pulled upwards from a bikini line so that the muscle underneath may be exposed. Such separated and weakened muscle also called Rectus Diastasis condition is then re-aligned and it is sutured together vertically.

A liposuction will then be performed at the abdomen or from any other place that had to be included as it has been discussed by the plastic surgeon. The excess skin and fat which include the stretch marks that hang downwards of an incision line will be excised. This is when the tucking part starts. The incision will be made where a bellybutton should relocate. A navel is then brought up within such hole and it is sutured in the place. The remaining of a horizontal incision line is going to be sutured.

The drainage tube will be put through the small incisions that are found near the horizontal incision line. The abdominal and bandage binder are going to be put in place on in order to secure or to wrap the place.

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Additional types of the Tummy Tuck

After assessing the physiology and physics of your body with your expectations and goals, the plastic surgeon will choose the type of the tummy tuck which is going to help you to get the most contoured mid-section which is aesthetically pleasing. Here at Medical Inn Clinic, you have two options, you may go for a full or a mini Abdominoplasty.

Many patients choose to undergo a full tummy tuck since it helps in rejuvenating the entire place of your abdomen as it had already been explained. Patients who want only a minimal correction of their abdomen, they should go for a mini tummy tuck.

Mini Tummy Tuck also called partial Tummy Tuck offers the results but which are not that dramatic like a full tummy tuck. The procedure is good for the individuals who are around 10 percent of the desired weight and who have a proper exercising and dieting program but whose the tummy cannot improve when a targeted deposit is fat, most of the time such fat is limited under a navel. A simple incision under the bikini line, cut horizontally is used and it is most of the time smaller compared to the one of a full tummy tuck. Because an area of concern may be below the navel only, a belly button does not have to get relocated. A liposuction may be performed when needed.

Floating Tummy Tuck is also called Extended Mini Tummy Tuck or a modified Tummy Tuck. FAB or Floating Abdominoplasty is considered when it is in the combination with the mini and full tummy tuck. This procedure is the best option for the patients who only have a mild laxity of the muscle and who needs only a small degree of the skin tightening over a bellybutton. In place of having to make a second incision on the navel, a navel is detached from its abdominal fascia so that the underlying abdominal muscle may be tightened. When a muscle had been sutured, the navel will be brought down in a vertical direction by few centimetres and it will be reattached on a fascia. This is going to pull the skin in a downward direction and it can address correction of a loose skin. After the procedure, the incision that will be seen is a horizontal line made at pubic hair. However, every patient is not the right candidate for the procedure since they may not be having too little or too much of the loose skin over the bellybutton.

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How will I look like after the surgery?

You will need at least 1 to 2 weeks to recover from the surgery because each movement you will make will affect your core. Even if the process towards complete healing may be long, the individuals are able to go back to their work in 2 weeks. You will go home with an abdominal and garment binder and depending on the type of the surgery you undergone, the drains may be put on the sides of the incision. The drains are used to prevent the build up of the fluid on a surgical site and this may be too bothersome on how the healing takes place if it is not removed properly away from your body. Normally, the drains should be removed in week from the day of the surgery.

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Book a consultation with Medical Inn Clinic

In case you had decided that the Tummy Tuck is able to help you in achieving the desired body contour, you should then book for a consultation with Medical Inn Clinic to talk to the patient consultant. He will help you in choosing the type of the Tummy Tuck to undergo and he will assess your own physical condition in order to make sure that you are totally prepared for the surgery. Like any other surgery, there are complications and risks that may take place. Try to be honest and frank and ensure that the consultant is aware of everything you want during the consultation.

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How the scar from the Tummy Tuck will look?

As any other invasive procedure, the incision is going to be made in order to remove the excess fat and skin. A scar is done horizontally and its length will depend on which type of a tummy that you may have. When there is a scar caused by the incision, it will be found in a discreet place. When you follow the instructions given for post operative, your scar will be healed well with less visibility. Medical Inn Clinic has different non-surgical laser treatment with other products that can help in fading away the scar’s appearance.

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Tummy Tuck vs liposuction

The difference that exists between a tummy tuck and a liposuction is that a liposuction has to remove the unwanted fat and it does not correct the muscle or the skin. In many cases, a liposuction is done at the sides like on love handles and flanks of an abdomen like tummy tuck and it corrects the midsection and the frontal plane. This helps to get a contoured and a rejuvenated abdominal region.

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Tummy Tuck Surgery Q & A

When should I get the result?

At once after the surgery, you are going to be amazed about how contoured and how slim the waste will be. However, you should remember that it can take some weeks or some months for the swelling to disappear completely. This means that after each day after the surgery, the mid-section appearance will get better.

Can I use a Tummy Tuck like treatment of obesity?

No, since a Tummy Tuck is not one of the weight loss methods. It is meant to remove the loose skin or excess fat and to tighten up abdominal muscle.

Does the tummy tuck reduce stretch marks?

Even if the surgery is not meant to remove the stretch marks, it is capable of removing of the excess fat and skin. When the stretch marks are found on the skin that has to be removed, then the stretch marks will also be removed

How long should I enjoy the results, or are they permanent?

The results you get last for the entire lifetime, if you keep your weight, if you not became pregnant and when you keep good care of your entire body. Keep in mind that the body may change as the time passes and this will affect the appearance.

Am I able to go home at once?

Yes, an abdominoplasty is the procedure that it is done on the outpatient basis and this means that you are able to go home the same day of the surgery. You should expect to stay at the Medical Inn Clinic for around 6 hours but everything will depend on which kind of the Tummy Tuck that you had.

Is it painful to get Tummy Tuck?

Because you will be sleeping during the surgery, you are not able to feel anything during the procedure. Since it is an invasive procedure, you may feel uncomfortable for at least 2 weeks. A prescription medication for pain will be given to you and many patients find that the surgery is tolerable than what they expected.

When should I be able to exercise?

During the first week, it will be uncomfortable for you to be able to move around or even to get up. But after a week, you can start to walk lightly and this will help with your healing. However, when you allow increased flow of the blood in the area, you will reduce how much swelling you get (you can also help a great deal by wearing garments and binder) you need to increase your walking pace if you feel comfortable to do this. After 6 week, you should start exercising with light exercises and this includes these that target your abdomen. A full exercising as the one you had before the surgery like heavy weight lifting with intense exercising should start after 3 months of the surgery.

When should I be able to go back to work?

Taking into account the kind of the job you do, you may be able to go back to your work in 2 weeks when you work on a desk job. For people who work on a physical job, they may need to get more time off their work. For the patients who work on physical based job, they may get a request to show to their employers to let them perform light duty for some weeks.

It is possible to do a tummy tuck with breast surgery?

This can be done for the right candidate. It is common for patients and it is known as mommy makeover. Other procedures may be liposuction, vaginoplasty, breast lift and breast augmentation.

Do I have to wear a surgical garment even if I find it uncomfortable?

You should put on a medical grade garment and binder for 6 weeks from the time of the surgery. This is to ensure that the swelling is under control and that you have a support for midsection.