Thigh Lift

About Thigh Lift

At Medical Inn Clinic, we have plastic surgeons who use the state of the art technique in order to complete the tight lift procedure. The experts are able to apply the right approach for all your needs and to reduce the appearance of the outer and inner thighs which help you to get a firmer body which is youthful looking and it will be proportional to your body image. Thigh lifting can also be addressed by the body lift procedure.


I am the right candidate for thigh lift?

Tight lift procedure is going to reshape the tights; it reduces the excess skin and in some cases the fat which results into a well proportioned contour with a smooth skin on the tights and on the lower body. While performing the procedure, the surgeon may remove the outer tight skin (lateral or medial thigh skin (inner). In case the weight loss effort and fitness did not help in achieving the goal you want, the surgical thigh lift can be the best option for you.

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How should I prepare myself for the thigh lift?

When you prepare yourself for the thigh lift in Medical Inn Clinic, you will be able to discuss some concerns about your lifestyle, desire and health with a plastic surgeon.

Your plastic surgeon at Medical Inn Clinic will also

  • Evaluate your general health with other pre-existing health conditions or other risk factors
  • Measuring and examining the body which include the records of the detailed measurements and in taking the photos to use on your medical history
  • You will be told about the surgical options you have
  • He will discuss the expected outcome of your surgery with the potential complication or risks.

At Medical Inn Clinic, the thigh lift procedure is done on the outpatient basis and a general anaesthesia has to be administered. The patterns of the incisions that a plastic surgeon is going to use, it will be different according to the area that have to be treated, the level of the correction and the surgeon or patient preference.

A common technique used to make the surgery is to make an incision into a groin which is going to extend towards the downward and to wrap around your back and your thigh. An underlying tissue is going to be tightened and the skin will be re-draped and reduced. This will result in a smoother or a proportionate body contour.

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What are the results that I should expect?

The results you get from the thigh surgery will be visible at once but it can take some weeks to get to the final results. As the time passes, there are visible scars that remain but the result will last long as far as you are able to keep a general fitness routine with a stable weight. The scars can also improve as the time passes but the maximum period for the entire improvement is a year. As the body ages, it will be natural for you to lose firmness but most of the time, the results has to be permanent.

The follow up should be done by a plastic surgeon of Medical Inn Clinic and it is going to be the best way that you can ensure that you get long lasting result from your surgery.

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