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About Mummy Makeover

A mom is the hero each day in the entire world. She is always ready to make the sacrifices for her children. When you became a mother, the life is going to change in a dramatic way. There are mothers who put themselves far down on the list of their priorities. Child birth and the pregnancy take a toll on the body of a woman. There are some effects caused by the child bearing which cannot be reversed easily by exercising or dieting alone. There are other things that can be too hard to fight. There are many mothers who have tried for many years to return in their original shape but they had found out that some things cannot be done without any help.

At Medical Inn Clinic, we are aware that you want always to feel good and we are standing by ready to ensure that you get back your sexy self.

Mommy Makeover has been designed to reverse physical changes that take place on the body after child-birth, pregnancy or sleepless nights. Every mom makeover is different and it is tailored to the needs of the woman. We do have a number of non surgical and surgical procedures that are available and they can lead to the best results. The following are some of the procedures that are performed normally during the mommy makeover.

Mummy Makeover


Tummy-tuck is the commonest procedure in a mommy makeover. The pregnancy may stretch the skin in the region and it can be beyond the repair. Sometime the muscle may separate and it can be damaged because of the pregnancy to extend that it can be impossible to use the diet and exercise to repair them. Besides, the extra fat in such region may get removed as a part of the procedure.

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Breast augmentation:

The effects of pregnancy with breast feeding may take the toll on a breast of a woman. Most women find out that when they are breastfeeding, the breast become larger and after weaning of the child, the breasts are going to lose some perkiness that they had during the pre-pregnancy. Some say that it is inside out pocket but you should not worry since we are able to help. We have different types of the breast augmentation procedure and using silicone implants is among them but a re-depositing of the fat is also a more natural procedure that you can use to increase the volume of the breast.

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Breast lift

This is a common procedure which is done on the breast that looks saggy because of the breast-feeding and pregnancy. This may be done alone or it can be done in the combination with breast reduction and breast augmentation so that they can look perky and youthful.

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Breast reduction

Even if some women may find that the breasts are reduced because of child-bearing, for others, the breast can increase their volume. Pregnancies lead to the fat gain for some women, the fat may be deposited within the tissues of the breast. Sometime the breast may be large before the pregnancy and after giving birth, they may not get back to the shape you want. We do a good job when it comes to breast reduction and we will help you to get the shape and the contour you like.

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It is normal and natural to gain weight when you are pregnant. Even if for some women, it can be lost after the pregnancy, for others, the fat may not disappear in the place where they do not want it anymore. Even if it is easy to control where we do gain the muscle, it is near impossible to lose weight in the targeted place with diet and exercise alone. Pregnancy stretches the muscle of the abdomen in a great way. Besides loose muscle, having extra fat deposit in such place may lead to bulkiness. Skinny women who had been pregnant, they get what it is known like a pouch. Because this is a complaint which is common, undergoing abdominal liposuction is one of the mommy makeover procedures and it can be done together with tummy-tuck.

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At the Medical Inn Clinic, we do have the latest laser technology and we offer all the top shelf procedures. The latest technology is able to remove the scars with the unwanted pigmentation in a painless and efficient way. It also invigorates your skin and it can reverse effect that you suffer because of many sleepless nights. Different types of the laser treatment that are performed are non invasive and painless but at the same time they are effective. We do perform restructuring and skin resurfacing procedures in the mommy makeovers procedure.

These procedures include:

  • Reduction and the removal of the stretch marks
  • The reduction and the removal of the darkened skin like hyper pigmentation which a side effect of some hormones that are in high level during the pregnancy. We are able to perform pigmentation reduction using laser procedure for the entire body.
  • There are different types of the laser treatment which may be performed and they invigorate and they plump a skin within the face and other places of the body.

We recommend the use of the SilkPeel treatment for the mothers and it has hydrating and revitalizing micro-dermative procedure which leaves the hands, neck and face that feels smooth and soft.

In addition, we offer the full range of the Botox and fillers treatments:Non surgical and surgical labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and vaginal scar removal or reduction.

In case you are not aware of the latest technology, we now have non surgical and non-invasive tightening procedure that we are able to offer. We recommend that you check it out. It is an effective procedure based on walk-in walk out and it is meant to tighten up your vagina. For women who give birth through vaginal canal, it is the best procedure that restore the tightness and that increases the pleasure that they get with sexual intercourse. The procedure is not going to interfere while giving birth again and if you become pregnant, you can redo it. You should get more information about this procedure since it is too amazing.

Laser technology which we do have at Medical Inn Clinic, may be successfully used in reducing or removing the appearance of the scars on your body like scars from the c-section or from the tearing of the perineum or vaginal wall that are caused by the deliveries.

Sometime giving birth and pregnancy can lead to the unevenness of the labial area. It may look as if it is saggy, loose or un-even also less pretty compared to how it looked before you give birth. We do have the selection of the non-invasive laser technique which can be used in order to improve the physical and visual appearance of the place.

The above are just few of the commonest procedures that we do offer in the mommy makeover, but if you see something which is not found on the list, you should not worry. There are high chances that we may help you with that procedure too. You should give us a call so that we may make the appointment and we will discuss how we can help you according to your needs.

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