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About Liposuction Surgery

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Liposuction surgery’s basic information

Liposuction is the procedure about body contouring and it removes unwanted fat from specific body parts. It helps to bring back the proportion of a body by getting rid of the unwanted fat permanently. It is done through suctioning the fat through the tubes on the bothersome and localized areas. Liposuction should not be used as replacement for the weight loss. It has to be taken like the treatment method of the excess fat on the localized area of your body which cannot go away with the exercising and proper diet.

At Medical Inn Clinic, we have an advanced type of the liposuction and at least 99 percent of the patients undergo this procedure and it is known as Power Assisted Liposuction. This is a type of the liposuction assisted by the vibration which allows getting quick and smooth results with the added benefits of tightening of the skin.

Liposuction Surgery

What liposuction is about to do in your case?

Losing weight on targeted areas: even if exercising or diet may help to lose weight in general, there are some times when you are going to lose the weight in all the areas of the body but not in the areas that you want the weight to disappear. The liposuction is going to help to contour the body to look as you want. It is easy to remove the fat in a place by the use of vibration assisted Liposuction. The fat that had been removed may be cleaned so that they can be inserted in other places of the body that you want which is called fat transfer.

Fat cells get removed permanently: when you lose the weight in the traditional way, it will just shrink the fat you already have. Because the fat cells are still in place, they may be enlarged once again. The Liposuction gets rid of the fat cells permanently which makes it difficult to regain the fat in the areas where it has been removed.

Better health: too much weight may lead to too many health risks but liposuction can reduce such risks.

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An overview of a normal Liposuction treatment

Assessment: the plastic surgeon is going to assess you and he will take into account your medical history and your needs. He will discuss with you in details about the options available and he will inform you on what you should know before the procedure.

Marking, you will be asked to stand up so that the surgeon can mark the body to show the areas you want to target. Such markings are used like guidelines during the entire treatment.

Anaesthesia: liposuction may be performed under general anaesthesia, sedation or local anaesthesia. The time the procedure takes will depend on the area which is being targeted, however in the average, it can take around 1-2 hours.

Incision: a tiny incision is made so that there can be room for a cannula or a tool that it is shaped like the tube which sucks out the fat and it is made at the inconspicuous places.

Liposuction is when a solution is used and it is made in a diluted form of the anaesthesia on the targeted place and this constricts the blood vessels in order to minimize the blood loss while removing a large amount of the fats. This is an injection known as Tumescent liposuction and it is the common form of the injection that it is being used nowadays and it is also what we use at Medical Inn Clinic. A Power Assisted Liposuction is considered as a tumescent form. The next step is to insert the cannula within the skin to reach the layer of the fat and to do gentle forth and back movements which may manipulate the fat found so that it can get out of your body to go through the cannula to the outside. We only use small cannula in Medical Inn Clinic. This leads to an even and the results that are pleasing to the eye. The cannula is put on the suction machine and it removes the unwanted subcutaneous fat permanently in the area you want.

Post operation: incisions which were made while doing the procedure, they may be sewn together by the use of one or two stitches or they may be left open so that they continue to drain the fat. The places of incision have to be wrapped using the gauze and you will go home with a compression garment.

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What it is the recovery period from the surgery?

When the procedure ends, you are going to put on the compression garment each day for 4 to 6 weeks of the procedure. This is going to help you in reducing the swelling and it helps your body to be able to re-adjust to a new contour which had been created. Some bruising and discomfort may take place after the procedure and they can take time before they disappear. When you keep in mind all the instructions given as pre-op instruction, it may help in reducing the level of bruising that may take place. The pain medication may also be given so that they can deal with soreness. Many patients are able to return to their work in few days or a week.

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What places that has to be treated?

It is good if you keep in mind that some different areas of the body also require different techniques during the liposuction and different types of cannula should be used. You should keep in your mind that also the doctor may have to do different number of the incision depending on where the procedure is being done.

The following are the common area that can be treated with liposuction as far as there is enough fat that can be pinched.

  • Inner tights
  • Love handles and abdomen
  • Back
  • Outer tights
  • Female breast
  • Lower legs
  • Neck and face
  • Buttocks
  • Male breast or gynecomastia
  • Arms

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Liposuction Surgery Q & A

What cannot be corrected by the liposuction?

The liposuction is not able to remove the visceral fat. This is a hard fat that it is found on the abdomen and it surrounds the organs. Exercising and proper diet can help to get rid of it.

What are the places which may not be targeted by the use of the liposuction?

It can be dangerous to use the liposuction in the area that it is behind your knee because there are too much blood vessels and vital nerves which are found there.

Is it possible for the liposuction to remove the cellulite?

It is possible for the liposuction to minimize the level of the cellulite in a certain area and this will reduce the orange peel dramatically. But it is always advised to talk to a qualified physician so that he can assess you and tell you if removing the cellulite in the body with liposuction is the right option. Another option that can be suitable is the Endermologie.

Does Liposuction hurt?

Anaesthesia has to be administered before the procedure and it can be general or localized. This means that you are not going to feel anything during the procedure. The medications are going to be given to minimize and to eliminate the pain after the surgery.

Is it possible for the liposuction to remove the stretch marks?

The liposuction is not going to remove the stretch marks. You can try available non surgical procedure like laser fractional treatments so that their appearance can be reduced.

Is it possible for the fat to come back even after liposuction?

In case you maintain a good health style and you exercise, the results you get from the liposuction procedure is going to last for a long period until you became old and other factors may not affect you in any way. When you gain more fat after the liposuction, you have to be aware that every part of the body is going to experience such weight gain even on the place that was treated. However, only few fat cells that are still on the area may be affected and this reduces the overall weight gain. This means that you are not capable of accumulating too much fat as you had before.

Is it possible to treat different areas within one session?

Yes, it is possible to treat different area wherever you have a pinchable fat.

What about the information that the fat cells do not die?

In the study that was done in the Swedish, it was found out that the human body has a number of the fat cells that do not change from the childhood. This study showed that each year, in the adulthood, at least 10 percent of the fat cells may die but new ones come to replace them. This is why it is said that fat cells do not go away. Because the fat and obesity are two areas of concern for many people now, these findings are becoming popular and they are rocking the current scientific world.

This also brings up the liposuction and the researchers are doing to studies to see if the number of the fat cells is not affected during the liposuction procedure. By now, we know that when a fat cell is removed by the cosmetic procedure, it will not be replaced in the body. Whenever they are gone, they will go forever. We are hoping that the new studies can support us.

We are keeping up with the updates of new findings.