Lip Augmentation

About Lip Augmentation

Get kissable, supple and soft lips

Information about Lip augmentation

There is nothing which is attractive than kissable, luscious and full lips. You do not need to use always your lipstick for enhancing the lips when you can achieve it naturally and permanently by using the Lip augmentation.

Supple and soft lips are what every man and woman is looking for. When the shape is enhanced, it can lead to kissable and desirable lips while the rest of the face will be proportional. Regardless if you have been born with uneven or thin lips or if you have noticed that fullness in the lips gets diminished after some years, you can try out available lip augmentation procedures.

Lip Augmentation

Different ways for which the lips may be augmented

There 3 ways that you may change the shape and the size of the lips

Using dermal filler: the prefilled syringes have plumbing ingredient. There are different types of the dermal fillers at the market that range from temporary to permanent.

Fat transfer is when the fat is taken from a certain area of your body like the abdomen and then it is injected in the lips. This is going to add the volume and it is a viable option for the patients who do not like the idea of having some foreign substance in the body. The problem for this option is that the results may be uneven and it may not last long.

Lip implants are done by placing the silicone implants permanently in the lower or upper lips so that their volume can increase together with the permanent shape of the lips. This is the option that it is not offered at Medical Inn clinic because in some cases, an implant can migrate or shift.

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What the lip augmentation is able to do in your case

Depending on the amount and which product that you are using, the dermal filler may help you to achieve the following

  • To increase the general lip volume
  • To fix the asymmetry
  • To correct irregular vermilion border
  • To smooth out the fine lines around or on the lips
  • To alter the general shape of the lips

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What it is lip augmentation procedure?

We have experienced and trained doctors at Medical Inn Clinic and we offer Lip augmentation service in a professional and safe manner in just 30 minutes.

The first step is to get the consultation with the injectable filler expert who will help you in determining the type of the lip augmentation you should undergo with the desirable amount of the change that you wish to be done on the lip contour which will help you to achieve the results you want.

To help in easing the discomfort, a numbing agent cream will be applied on the place. The injection that will take place involves the use of the small needle which is injected in different areas of the lips on either lower or upper lip or the two can be injected at the same time.

With the first procedure of the Lip augmentation, you are going to notice that there is an improvement in the facial features at once. The volume of the lips is going to increase but with natural and subtle looking result. You will be able to resume to the normal activities just after an injection.

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Lip Augmentation Q & A

When will I be able to see the results from the lip filler?

You are going to see the results at once. The lips will be voluminous and plump after the treatment. There can be some swelling so the final results will be seen after 2 weeks when all the swelling had reduced.

Can I use more than just one syringe of the fillers on the lips?

Yes, this can be done and you can use just more than one syringe of the filler for this treatment. However, some patients choose to wait in between so that they can get a new syringe injected or they may opt to have them within the same treatment or appointment.

How long the results are going to last?

How long the result lasts, depend on which product that it is being injected. For the soft tissue filler that used the hyaluronic acid will last between six months to a year. According to what the patient wants, the repeat injection can take place before the results disappear.

Does it hurt to have the lip augmentation with the dermal filler?

There is going to be some discomfort with the procedure because the lips are always sensitive. Sometime a topical numbing agent has to be used so that it can help with the poke of a needle. Many products that we use here at Medical Inn Clinic come with their own numbing agent to help in reducing the pain. When the injection is finished, lips can be tender but for someone who finds it bothersome, he can take over the counter pain medication when he finds this bothersome.

What can I do to prepare myself for the lip augmentation?

Do not take alcohol or products with ASA or aspirin, do not smoke a week before the procedure since this is going to reduce the swelling and they increase the chance of suffering a bruise but the makeup may cover it easily.

Are there risks of lip augmentations?

According to the lip augmentation that you had, it is going to determine which type of the complications you may get. Normally, when you get a hyaluronic acid based filler injection, you will be exposed to minimal risks but some of the risks are bump formation and asymmetry. Scarring and infection are some of the potential complications.

Is there any side effect as a result of the lip filler?

The side effects that are common may include some discomfort, swelling and bruising. These can last for few days but they disappear within a week in many cases. There are some side effects which may not be that common and these include too much swelling, redness and severe itching. These may also be indicating the allergic reaction according to which type of the lip filler which had been used.

Is it possible to have lip augmentation for men?

Yes, both women and men may have lip augmented and everyone who is bothered by the asymmetrical or thin lips is the right candidate.