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Laser hair removal information

Laser Hair Removal is found in the cosmetic industry and it is a popular non surgical treatment. It had become the main stream for both women and men. This is not something new because living your life without the need to shave; it will save you enough efforts and time.

Get more information about the latest method available now to get the alternative option which is fast and permanent at the same time safe and painless known as laser hair removal of Medical Inn Clinic.


What is the Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair removal is the procedure that uses the light therapy and it emits them from the medical device in order to stop any future hair growth. It is based on a principle of the ability of the light which is absorbed and attracted to a pigment that contains the hair follicles. The light is capable to damage hair follicles and it leads to effect of permanent hair removal.

The benefits of Laser Hair removal done at Medical Inn clinic

It is safe regardless of the type of the skin

It saves time with money at the end

It prevents the ingrown hair, the irritation of your skin and infected hair

It has long lasting results

The treatment is convenient and faster

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Is it the right procedure according for my skin type?

Everyone knows that the best colour for the Laser Hair removal or IPL hair removal is light skin with darker hair because of the contrast of the pigment between the skin and the hair. However, this guideline may be vague from time to time and people may hear about the Fitzpartrick scale in order to determine the type of the skin that it is more suitable for some types of the treatment and which is used to determine on how a certain skin type should be handled.

The Fitzpartric scale is a reference used to classify the skin type in the relations with the genetically predisposed melanin in the hair and skin. It is commonly used in the sun exposure guidelines done by the dermatologists while trying to determine the level of the SPF factor for different types of the skin.

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What are the most treated places?

Normally all areas of a body where dark hair can be found, the Laser Hair removal can remove such hair. The popular places where women may wish to treat are legs, underarms, Brazilian or bikini area or the face. Such areas are popular because the presence of the air on such place is bothersome and embarrassing. Most of the time, men choose to treat their shoulders, chest and back. You can find here a full list of the areas that can be treated. The area where it is hard to remove the hair is within the ears, the eyebrows or in the nose since these places have to be kept safe.

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A session of Laser Hair removal at the Medical Inn Clinic


Do not sugar, wax or pluck the hair before the treatment for some weeks. This helps the hair follicles to be intact during the procedure. Since the device uses light energy, avoid sun tanning for at least two weeks before the treatment. Pigment within the skin can make some negative impacts on the result gotten from the procedure.

You should also avoid using active products as skincare which make your skin to be sensitive like Salicylic acid, retinol and hydroquinone. Get more information on the Preparing for Laser page

During the procedure

A medical aesthetician who works at Medical Inn Clinic will clean and prepare the place that should be treated. Afterwards, the laser is then passed over the skin and it will be releasing the laser light’s pulses.

After the procedure

There can be some swelling or redness at the surface of your skin but it will disappear faster like any other treatment that require the user of the lasers and it is important for protecting the treated skin with the clothing or sunscreen. The medical staff will guide you about other instructions to follow.

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What about the theory about the laser procedure and how they destroy the hair follicles

The hair found on the body grows on 3 different phases from the dermal layer of the skin and hair follicles. The level of the hair growth can be different between individuals and the extend for which the hair grows depends on which part of the body the hair is found. The hair growth is found in three phases.

1. The first phase is called the anagen phase and it is the place where the follicle of the hair grows in active manner. The laser treatment is effective to remove the hairs which are found on anagen phase since this the period when follicle is rich in the melanin.

2 .The second phase is known as catagen phase and this is when the follicles get smaller and the hair stops to grow.

3. This is the final growth phase known as telogen phase and it is the place where the hair growth starts by pushing the old hair out of the follicles

The number of the hair found at the anagen phase at a certain time varies from the body parts and is different from each part of the body. However, normally it is over 85 percent. This is the reason why you should have at least 8 sessions in one place since not all the follicles will be in the same growth phase since they cannot be in unison at a certain period.

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It is important to time your appointment

You should wait for 4 to 6 weeks for any area of your face between the sessions and for any other places of the body, you require the appointment of 6 to 8 weeks. Facial hair grows faster compared to the hair found on other places of the body.

When you stick to your timeline, you will be able to get smooth and carefree results.

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More considerations

Red, Grey and Light hair

We all know that the hair has a certain level of the melanin that gives it its colour. But there are two different types of melanin which are Pheomelanin and Eumelanin. Eumelanin is found in the brown and black hair and it is the type of the melanin which is more responsive to the laser light. Pheomelanin is found in red or blonde hair and it fails to respond to the laser light since the photons found in such type of the red or blonde colour cannot respond to the light in different way. Sometime, the two types of the melanin are combined in one hair.

Grey hair takes place if there is no pigmentation because of disease and age. Generally, red and blonde hair does not respond well to the laser light, however there are other options for hair removal and a qualified therapist will explain them to you and one option is electrolysis.

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Sensitive skin

When a person has a sensitive skin, it is good that he should do the patch test before committing himself to the treatment. A sensitive skin can be treated in the same way as dark skin even if it is not dark. An intense cooling method, frequent sessions and long wavelengths are required.

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When it comes to the tattoos, there is no formal scientific study that has been done or any scientific proof about how they react to IPL or Laser Hair removal. However, with different patient reports and the theory available, they suggest that IPL or Laser does not have to be performed on the tattoo but it is safer to perform the procedure around tattoos.

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When can I start to see result?

The result is cumulative and for every session, you will be seeing further reduction of the hair re-growth. After the first session, the hair is going to shed off in just few days and the skin will look smooth.

Because the hair follicle will be in different stage of its growth during the procedure, the hair will return after some weeks. You should be prepared for the next session so that it can target the hair that it is in a different growth cycle. It is important to schedule the appointments correctly.

Is the result of Laser Hair removal permanent?

We refer to this treatment like permanent hair reduction. It is not possible to get rid of the hair 100 percent while using this treatment but you are able to see some level of reduction of the hair with a slow re-growth for the remaining hair. There are patients who require a touch up session twice or just once per year to maintain their results.

You should also keep in mind that the results will be based on your hair and skin type together with the skills of a laser technician who is treating you.

Is it possible for everyone to benefit from the procedure?

The Laser Hair removal removes the hair through the emission of the light using a specific wavelength which is being absorbed by the melanin found in the hair. This damages the follicle so that the future growth will not take place. By keeping this in mind, you should know that the laser cannot work on the hair which is red, very blond or grey since they do not have the melanin in their hair follicle.

Why Laser Hair removal is different compared to other hair reduction treatment?

Laser Hair removal uses the light targeted to pigment that is found in the hair. The patients who have red hair, blonde and grey hair, they may consider electrolysis instead.

Why I should only shave if I want to go for Laser Hair removal?

Laser targets dark pigmentation of the hair found in hair follicle. When you wax before you go for a session or within the sessions, you will be removing the hair starting from the roots and the laser will not target any specific place during the session.

Is it painful to undergo Laser Hair removal?

Some parts of the body are sensitive compared to others, like bikini area as an example and such places are somehow uncomfortable while being treated. A topical numbing cream may be used before but other areas of your body can be tolerable to the treatment.

To reduce cases of discomfort, you should shave before you go to the appointment. When there is less hair at a surface, there will be less discomfort. For women who are in their menstrual cycle, it may increase their sensitivity to the pain. It is good to book for the appointment if you are not menstruating.

How long the Laser Hair removal session will take?

How long the session is going to take, it is going to depend on the size of the area that has to be treated. For a tiny area at the body like the chin or upper lip, the session is going to be done in just few minutes. But for a large area like legs or full back, it may take up to an hour. For the patients who have decided to treat their full body, it may take around 2 to 3 hours.

Is it possible to get the Laser Hair removal done on genital area?

Yes you are able to get a full Brazilian Laser treatment. However some people are sceptical about this since it is a delicate and personal area. It is safe to have treatment at the genital area.

Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

The side effects that are caused by the treatment may include irritation and redness at the area that has been treated and it can disappear after few days. A cool cream or gel together with the application of the cold compress may alleviate such problems.

Is there any risk?

Because the Laser Hair removal is not that invasive, it may only require minimal risks. The risks take place when you fail to follow the post and pre-procedure that has been given. In such cases, the burning, pigment change or scarring risks do increase.

Which is the right age that I can get Laser Hair removal?

If the parental consent had been given, the treatment may be done on the people who are 18 years or even younger. There is not study that had shown that the use of the Laser Hair removal is harmful for long term and when there are unwanted side effects, it can be temporary or minor.