Laser Anti-Aging Treatment

About Laser Anti-Aging Treatment

Defy the time and enjoy a scarless option for your anti-aging procedure

Information about the Laser Anti-Aging Treatment

It is bound to take place to each one of us. As we age, the skin becomes loose; it creates the folds with creases and these get worse as the time passes. When they are couple with the formation of the wrinkles, you will not have any choice but succumbing to the signs of the aging.

At Medical Inn Clinic, we have the superior way that we can get rid of the wrinkles through tightening the lax skin. Now it is time to experience the power given by Laser skin tightening.

Laser Anti-Aging Treatment

The right candidate

The laser skin tightening is the best option for both women and men, who wish to take some years off of the appearance but without having to pay too much for them or suffer the downtime because of the surgical procedure. It is the right option for people who had noticed aging effects like

  • Jowls that have become prominent
  • Skin that has wrinkles and folds
  • The fine lines that are apparent
  • Skin which is not tough.

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When it is compared to the surgical options, the laser skin tightening offers the results without the need of incision. This leads to low downtime and low price.

After a number of sessions, you will be able to notice the treatment effects

  • You can smooth out the wrinkles
  • The elasticity of the skin is going to be improved
  • The suppleness of the skin is improved
  • The jowls gets diminished in their size
  • It rejuvenates the complexion
  • It takes some years off the appearance since it works like an anti-aging effect.

Technology used is the best anti-aging weapon you want

The doctor is going to help you in deciding on the treatment that it is suited best for the type of the results that you wish to get. The laser treatment is easily used on a larger space like on the chest and neck to plump, to exfoliate, to correct and to tighten up the skin to reach to better result compared to using other method. Medical Inn Clinic is faster, cleaner and less painful and it requires only less time to recover compared to other treatment procedures.

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Asclepion Erbium YAG or Ascelpion Laser Technology or Made in Germany

The applications

Dermal with Epidermal lesions fractional laser therapy

Skin resurfacing

Skin treatment

Intra vaginal SUI and VRS treatment

Skin rejuvenation

An MCL 31 Dermablate has two possibilities of handling the dermatological conditions which are full skin resurfacing with the results that had been proved through long experience may be performed using an ablation mode.

Besides, the fractional laser therapy may be performed through MicroSpot hand piece where only some fractions of the skin are going to be ablated. Aesthetic labial remodelling with the rejuvenation is possible with this method. There is no need to give anaesthesia and the expenditure is then reduced while the downtime for the patient is also reduced.

MCL 31 Dermablate lets the users to have the ablation at the skin with the degree of the precision that may be measured using the microns. With this method, it is easy to remove different types of lesions on the epidermis level and the dermis in a complete gentle and safe manner. There is no need to use anaesthetic while using the dermablate in a treatment of smaller lesions.

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The treatment done at Medical Inn Clinic

To be able to achieve the optimum results for the skin tightening, you should undergo different sessions in the treatments which have to be spaced over some weeks. The body will respond to the treatment through making firmer, tighter, fresh and new tissue. Since the procedure is gradual and natural, it is going to appear after time.

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What you have to expect after the procedure

You are going to suffer few downtimes because of the procedure. You will be able to return to your work or to your daily routine at once when the treatment is completed. However, during 24 hours, it is important to avoid the activities where you need to sweat too much, to go into a swimming pool or hot tub exposure. The skin can be red because of minor irritation for at least a day but many patients reported that the redness disappeared in just few hours after the treatment. You should always put a SPF of 30 so that you can protect the skin against future damage.

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Laser Anti-Aging Treatment Q & A

How long does it take to get remarkable results?

The results may take time to see because they accumulate from every treatment done. Because the procedure is based on the ability of your skin to rejuvenate on its own, it will take time. The final result may take around 6 months from the last treatment session.

What it is the required number of session?

How many sessions will depend on the place where you want to have treated and severity of the skin. It is recommended to have 6 sessions at the minimum for every patient. A medical aesthetician of Medical Inn Clinic is going to let you know how many sessions you will need.

What are similar or alternative treatments?

Other treatments which are no surgical are the fractional non-ablative treatment, for which the added benefit is the skin tightening. The combination of the dermal filler with the Botox Cosmetic may also help in improving appearance of the fine lines and lax skin. In case you want to get a surgical option, then a facelift is the right answer.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is tolerable and the numbing agent is not that needed for the treatment. After the procedure, the skin may be sensitive but using cold compress can help.

How tight the skin can get to the body after the full treatment?

There are cases when the patient do have too much skin because of weight loss or pregnancy and the laser treatment may fail to give them the right results that they want to get. In these cases, the surgery is the right option.

What are possible side effects?

Many patients may get redness when the treatment ends, but this is going to dissipate after some hours and maximum period is a day. Tingling sensation can also be felt.

Is there any risk caused by the treatment?

The risks may take place like hyperpigmentation, scarring, and burns caused by the laser. Many risks take place when post or pre-treatment instructions were not followed by the patients and such risks can be avoided. It is always recommended to avoid sun exposure.