Labiaplasty ( Labia Reduction )

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Information about the Labiaplasty surgery

At Medical Inn Clinic, Labiaplasty is the type of the female genital refinement which improves the female genitalia’s aesthetic appearance. The surgery is about the reduction of labial lips which are known as labia minora. They can be made thinner, shortened and reshaped. When they are asymmetry, they can also be corrected. The procedure is also called labial beautification or labial reduction. Labioplasty is an alternative spelling and it is performed together with the vaginal tightening surgery.

Labiaplasty ( Labia Reduction )

Labia Minora and Labia Majora

Labiaplasty is the term that it is being used to encompass different procedures which involves labia minora and labia majora. These are the outer and inner lips that surround vaginal opening of a female vulva and clitoris. Such procedures are meant to be used to beautify or to correct the asymmetric enlarged or abnormally shaped structure of labia and this includes improvements of pigmentation and texture.

Even if you may be shy or embarrassed to talk about the private areas, you need to be assured that the labia reduction with other associated procedures on female genetalia is popular. You do not have to be afraid; you should call us at 0211-26159-29. We respect and value your privacy which is among priorities.

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The reasons of Labiaplasty

Many people look for labia beautification surgery to solve the problems of hanging, long or thick labia with other unattractive appearance. There are many reasons why women may choose to have the Labiaplasty like easthetical reasons when they want to look pleasing, to cure conditions that make physical and sexual intercourse uncomfortable. Protruding structures of labia can make it hard for someone to wear tight clothes or to participate in the sports activities. There are times when enlarged labia is going to be visible within the clothing or they can rub against the fabric and this can lead to the discomfort and pain. There are women who undergo the Labiaplasty in order to achieve better sexual functions. The enlarged labia minora, for example can be pushed inside in the intercourse and can lead to discomfort or pain.

When a woman goes through labial reduction or Labiaplasty at Medical Inn Clinic, her self esteem will be improved and her happiness will increase. When the size of the labia has been reduced, there is no case of protrusion of labia minora that will take place. Getting rid of the excess skin on the vaginal labia or lips will expose some parts of the genetalia which are responsive towards the sexual activities and this enhances the chances of being sexually satisfied.

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Why labia become large

Too much weight loss, childbirth, pregnancy, injury and hormonal changes, congenital conditions or aging may lead to sagging, elongated, enlarged and misshaped labial structures.

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How the labia reduction is done

The surgery is done by a specialist who has a long experience, education and training in the field of the female genital refinement, the labia reduction is being done at Medical Inn Clinic. This surgery may take around one hour but how long the procedure takes depend on the level of correction needed or if it has to be done together with other procedure. Many women may choose to go the procedure with others like vaginal tightening so that they can achieve beautifications and complete rejuvenation of the place.

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What can be done together with the Labiaplasty?

The Labiaplasty may be done on its own or it can be done in the combination with other surgeries.

Clitoral Hood Reduction is also called prepuce reduction: this is the trimming of a skin folds which is around a clitoris in order to improve the visual appearance and to increase pleasure during sex

Vaginoplasty is non surgical or surgical tightening of the vaginal passage. Normally women require having the surgery to be able to achieve this but with the latest innovation in the technology, now it is easy to get non-invasive and non surgical vaginoplasty procedure together with the traditional surgical method.

Hymenoplasty: this is the repair of the hymen of the woman by using specialized technology of laser surgery.

Perineoplasty: this is the reduction and removal of the scarring caused by the vaginal child birth or episiotomy. It is also used to remove the excess skin on the perineum which is a place between the vaginal opening and rectum or the tightening of perineum muscle.

Mons Pubis Reduction: Mons Pubis is found at the lower area of a belly where a belly has to meet with the pubic bone. Such area had been connected to labia majora and in some cases such place can be bulging over the labia. A reduction of mons pubis can be performed like a part of a Labiaplasty or can be performed alone. A reduction can be done with a liposuction and it can be combined with a surgical removal or excess skin when necessary. Just tightening up the place may be what it is needed to be done in order to achieve desired structure since it is already connected to a labia and it can offer a lift at the place.

Laser textural improvement with de-pigmentation: By using the latest in the laser technology, such procedure may reduce the hyper-pigmentation and it can improve the firmness and the texture of labia in a pain free and non invasive manner.

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Barbie Labiaplasty

This is also called a smooth look. This is a type of the procedure which is believed that it came from USA and it is for the women who want to have a perfect and smooth look like the doll that gave the procedure the name.

In such procedure, all or most all labia minora or inside the vulva or inside lips will be removed completely in order to make a petite and tight look. When such part of the vulva is removed, the labia majora will be closed tightly and this creates a single and smooth line. When labia majora looks saggy or is enlarged, it can be trimmed a little to achieve a streamlined look. The result is going to be stunning. Such part is among the comprehensive forms of the Labiaplasty and the clients have to be aware that such procedure is not reversed easily.

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Labiaplasty ( Labia Reduction ) Q & A

When will I see the results from Labiaplasty?

Even if the difference is apparent within a short period, the optimal results of the Labiaplasty can be seen within some few months.

Is it possible Labiaplasty to be performed together with vaginoplasty?

Yes and such procedures are normally done together, even if they serve different purpose. Labiaplasty can be performed for the cosmetic reason and it leads to minor discomfort but the vaginoplasty is done because of functional reasons like tightening of the vagina muscle.

When will be able to engage in sexually activities after Labiaplasty?

Like other surgery, the Labiaplasty is going to take around 6 weeks to heal fully. Before this period, if you engage into penetrating intercourse, you put yourself at risk of opening an operated site.

Is it possible that someone may know that I had undergone a labia reduction?

No, since there will be no incision line or visible scars, they will blend easily with the crease of the labia and they can fade as the time passes.

Is it possible for the Labiaplasty to affect nerves found around genital area?

When the procedure is done in the right way, it is not going to interfere with the nerves. There are some lessened sensations or numbing can be felt in one to two months within the procedure but it cannot interfere or even reduce the sexual pleasure.

Is it possible to get the labia repair after giving birth?

When a woman is pregnant, it is a hard period and the labia can be torn. This can be repaired easily and it can return the symmetry of the labia with the overall look of the vagina.

Does Labiaplasty hurt?

A local anaesthesia is given during this procedure so you cannot feel the pain when the surgery is being updated. After the surgery, you may feel some discomfort and you may be swollen but you will be given prescribed medication for the pain which will reduce the feeling of the pain.

Is it Ok to use the tampons after undergoing the Labiaplasty?

Normally, it is recommended that you should wait for a menstrual cycle to pass to start to use tampons. The place is too delicate and the scar tissue is just being formed. You should not interfere with your healing process

When will I be able to return to my work?

You need to take a bed rest for some couples of days after your surgery and you should keep the ice with you. You can return to the desk work or light work in four days. However, you should not engage yourself in sports or strenuous activities in the first 3 weeks.

What it is the right age to undergo Labiaplasty?

It is always recommended for women to reach 18 years before they consider such procedure. This is because the body of a woman can continue to grow until she has reached to her 20s and you have to wait until you are developed fully before you consider a cosmetic surgery.

What are the risks or side effects caused by the labia reduction?

As other surgical procedures, there are also the risks. The risks may be the hematoma, infection, discolouration, haemorrhage that are common to the surgery. Other risks may be about how the anaesthesia had been administered. The cases of the complication that take place are under 1 percent and they are rare. Decreased and increased sensation in the area that has been treated may also take place.

How long the results are going to last?

The results of the Labiaplasty may be permanent but they may be reversed by aging, trauma or childbirth.