Dermal Fillers & Injectable Fillers

About Dermal Fillers & Injectable Fillers

It’s time to combat the signs of aging with enhancing and uplifting your beauty

Basic information about Dermal Fillers

Take time to think about having a skin which is free of folds and wrinkles with the enhanced contour with full sensuous lips that give you a fresh look. Medical Inn Clinic will offer you a solution with the injectable filler of hyaluronic acid. In less than 30 minutes, the specialist doctor is going to eliminate and to minimize any sign of aging by the use of the dermal fillers which has been the most advanced method in the non-invasive cosmetic or plastic surgery by now.

Dermal filler does not require the surgery, it has a minimal invasive treatment and it is intended in correcting the skin creases, folds and wrinkles which is associated to the aging while it adds the definition and volume for enhancement of the facial features. Injectable fillers, dermal fillers or soft tissues fillers are the name that can be used interchangeably. The injectable filler is also dermal filler and the inverse is also true. They are two different ways to say something in the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry. This is medical products that are injected in a skin in order to add the volume, to alter the contour and to get a youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers & Injectable Fillers

Different types of the dermal fillers

You can find different types of injectable and dermal fillers in Germany. There are two different types which are temporary and permanent.

Permanent filler: there are some permanent fillers that are not found in the Germany market. Such products cannot be absorbed by the body and this is why they last long. The popular permanent dermal fillers include PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene, silicone, ArteFill/ artecoll or Sculptra.

Temporary fillers are the fillers that do not last too long but it is not easy to know how long they are going to last since every patient is unique. Temporary filler is based mostly on the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid filler can breakdown after sometime which means that the results are going to fade but they can last over fifteen months. The examples are Perlane, Teosyal, Restylane and Juvederm.

At Medical Inn Clinic, the fillers used are temporary ones and they are made by the use of the hyaluronic acid gel to ensure that our clients get the safest, youthful, smooth and most natural results that they can achieve.

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Common places of injections:

As we come old, the fat found on the face starts to reduce and even if this may be considered as something good by some people, such fat is the one that makes the people to look youthful since it makes smooth the facial contours. The study that was done in US found out that people lose the fat in a certain pattern and everyone follows it. The area that loses the fat for the first time is around eyes and this is followed by middle of upper cheek but below the eyes and the last place is at the cheekbones. The fat found on the nasolabial lines and on mouth lines follow and the last to lose the fat is on a forehead. The last place to lose the fat is on the face sides.

In case you are thinking about replacing the facial fat, you have to talk to us so that we can let you know about the fillers available.

Jawline, chin area and cheeks: injectable filler is going to add the volume on the chin or cheeks areas and for replacing the volume that had been lost, sunken area and to eliminate the jowls. They should also be used in correcting marionette lines.

Forehead wrinkles: whether non dynamic or dynamic, such permanent horizontal creases at the forehead with the permanent vertical frown lines may be filled out so that the forehead may reclaim a smoother and a youthful look.

Nasolabial fold: while smiling, the creases are going to form on the corners of your mouth and this is going to extend upward on outer edges of your nose.

Lips: using the injectable filler is the best way that you can boost your lips’ volume.

Nose: this is also called non-surgical nose job and the dermal fillers may camouflage the unevenness and the bumps found at the nose.

Acne scars and other scars: when you suffer scars from acne, the injectable filler can help you since they fill in the depression and they smooth out the texture of the skin

Under your eyes: dark and sunken under eyes will make you look as if you are tired even when you feel as if you have enough energy.

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How the procedure of dermal filler is performed in Medical Inn Clinic

When a dermal filler procedure is done in the Medical Inn Clinic’s accredited facilities, it is going to take no more than 30 minutes. You should start by discussing about which places that bother you using the mirror and which type of the results you are looking for, afterwards the injection process will start.

To reduce the discomfort, the doctor may use a numbing cream on the area which is going to be treated. This can take some minutes before it takes the effect. During the procedure, filler is put into the dermal layer of the skin by using a fine needle. After doing the injections for a certain period, the injectionist is going to rub the area that has been treated until he reaches to the degree of the desired effect. When hyaluronic acid is injected in the skin, it will bind with the water molecules in order to increase the volume found within the skin. After the treatment, you may get some redness on the place of injection and you may also sometime get some bleeding but which will stop in less than an hour. Sometime the swelling may also happen but it can go away in just 3 days. There is no problem in returning in your daily activities.

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What happens if I am not happy with the results?

This is the benefits of not using permanent fillers. The example is when you may have got the injection from other places and when you come to Medical Inn Clinic because the results were not satisfying like too much volume or lumpy or uneven result, just a simple injection is going to be used in order to smooth out or to reduce these effects. When an injection of hyaluronidase is used, the filler that were made with the hyaluronic acid is dissolved.

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What is an hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule of sugar and it takes place naturally in the connective tissue. It may be found also in tendons, skin and joints. The acid is able to absorb and to bind on the water molecules to get the volume needed on the face. Fillers made in hyaluronic acid helps to achieve a youthful appearance since it replaces the hyaluronic acid that was already in the skin and which had broken down after sometime since the hyaluronic acid filler can be used to restore the volume within the skin.

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Fillers vs BOTOX®

A Botox® Cosmetic works by relaxing the muscle and this will smooth out the fine lines which are associated with the aging in an upper half of your face. However, the dermal fillers can create the contours; fill within the deep depression and wrinkles while it enhances the facial features.

Botox® Cosmetic with the fillers may be used in the combinations according to what you want to achieve. It is good if you tell the person to do the injection on what it is the problem and the results you want to get.

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Dermal Fillers & Injectable Fillers Q & A

When do I start to get results?

The result is immediate and you will notice the volume at once in the areas that have been treated. However, swelling can interfere with the results first. It is going to take at least 2 weeks to notice the final results when the swelling has gone away. Within 3 days, you are going to see realistic results and when majority of the swelling had reduced.

What it is the level of the swelling that takes place?

The swelling is going to be the results of two things. The trauma caused by needle and the high affinity which the hyaluronic acid filler gets when it is in the contact with water. A treated area will always swell but it can depend on the patients in questions and the areas that had been injected. When the injection is on the lips, they will swell more. Icing on the area or keeping the head elevated is going to help in reducing the swelling.

What it is the recovery period?

The recovery time is going to be faster and you can continue with regular activities when the procedure had been completed.

What it is the best time to get injection of fillers?

It is recommended that if you are expecting to get a social event and social engagement which is coming up, you should not try to get the injection one day before. This is because you may suffer the bruising and swelling. You should wait that the events passes or you may get the injection many days before the actual event.

Is it possible to look unnatural after the treatment?

The goal of getting a dermal filler is to enhance the beauty in subtly way and to reduce the aging signs. The right result should harmonize the facial features and to balances out the volume. There are patients who wish to get volume while others want only to reduce aging signs. It is good if you describe to the person in charge about the cosmetic results you are looking to get after the treatment.

What are the advantages of the hyaluronic acid filler compared to the permanent filler?

Because the hyaluronic acid is the product that has the substance that takes place in the body naturally, it is hard for someone to get adverse reaction or any allergy caused by this product. Permanent filler is man-made product most of the time and it does not look smooth which means that the results after sometime can be bumpy or lumpy.

What side effects can I expect from injectable fillers?

The possible side effects may include itching, tenderness, swelling, redness and mild bruising. Some mild discomfort may take place near the area that had been treated. But a great deal is going to depend on the condition of a person.