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Information about Hymenoplasty with hymen restoration

The hymen restoration is meant to repair the hymen of women. Just like vaginal tightening and labiaplasty, such procedure is for the women who wish to have an improvement for the aesthetic appearance of the genitalia.

Hymenoplasty is a term used for this cosmetic surgical procedure and sometime it is also referred to like hymen tightening, hymen restoration, hymen repair surgery and Hymenorraphy. The hymen repair is coveted and a sensitive issue. Medical Inn Clinic staff maintains each aspect of the privacy and they make sure that all the details are being kept confidential.

Hymenoplasty & Hymen Restoration

Why the Hymenoplasty?

Many women choose to undergo the procedure so that they can repair their hymen for restoring their virginity for religion, personal and cultural reasons. Since hymen may be broken or torn by different activities and not always sexual penetration, some women may have problems before they get married.

Women, who get raped, consider undergoing Hymenoplasty because of psychological reasons and this helps them to ease the minds. There are women who consider undergoing the surgery in order to give the virginity to their men even when they have been married for many years. No matter why people may choose to undergo the surgery, it is always their personal choice and we have the surgeon who have experience and who will make sure that you are always comfortable in the entire process.

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What makes the hymen to break?

Having a sexual intercourse is the common reasons why the hymen may rupture. But it can also be ruptured because of other reasons that are not related to the sexual activities. Horseback riding, falling and tampon uses or other activities that require too much flexibility like gymnastic may be the reasons. When these have taken place, then hymen restoration is going to be the only procedure that it is going to restore the hymen so that it can became as it was before it got broken.

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What it are a hymen and its purposes

Hymens are in mucous membrane and they are in the shape of crescent and they cover the bottom of vaginas opening, at the low bottom. The size of hymen which is still intact varies from a woman to another. Some women may be born with a hymen that that covered completely the opening and others may be born with just one that covers the opening partially. Even if it can be rare, there are also women who have been born without the hymen.

Until now, it is not clear about the purpose of a hymen. There are some who believe that it is meant to protect a vagina since it acts like a barrier. There are other animals that have the hymens like moles and Ilamas. Hymen continues to be one of biological mysteries.

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What it is a hymen repair procedure from Medical Inn Clinic?

Hymenoplastyi is a procedure done on the outpatient basis from Medical Inn Clinic. The procedure takes around 30 minutes but this depends on the individual who is getting it. A local anaesthesia is given so during the surgery, you will be awake but you will not be feeling anything from the surgery.

In the traditional Hymenoplasty, a surgeon who is experienced stitches the edges of the hymen that remained together and when this is done, hymen will start to grow back as it became healed. When women undergo the hymen restoration, they will feel some tightening on the wall of the vagina. At Medical Inn Clinic, during the Hymenoplasty, a laser technique will be used in order to assist within the surgery. This makes the procedure shorter while the recovery will be faster. When the Hymenoplasty is finished, you are taken to the recovery room for around an hour and you will be monitored by nurses and then you will go home afterwards.

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Recovering from Hymenoplasty

Patients are able to return to their work only a day after the procedure. The full recovery from the hymen repair surgery may take around 6 weeks but the exact time will depend on an individual.

Some swelling, discomfort with little bleeding can take place after the procedure.

If you need it, you may be prescribed the pain medication with a topical antibiotic which can be used on the vagina area. It is recommended to sit in the Epsom Salt Sitz Baths in 2-3 times every week so that you can promote rapid healing, it is also soothing. Pools, tampon use and underwear should not be used after the surgery. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided for 4 weeks of the procedure.

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