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The information about the hair transplant

The hair transplantation is the surgical procedure which involves the moving of the individual hair follicles from a certain area called donor site to another balding or bald parts called the recipient site.

This is a procedure meant to treat the male pattern baldness but it can also restore pubic hair, chest hair, beard hair, eyebrow and eyelashes. It is also used to fill the scars after the accidents or the surgery like previous hair transplant or face-lift.

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Latest technique

Because the hair grows naturally in the follicles which has a group of up to 4 hairs, the current technique used target the natural occurring follicular units of 4 hair that are found in natural grouping. The modern hair transplantation can help to achieve the natural appearance in the same way that natural hair does.

The procedure of hair transplant is also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT. The hair from the donor may be harvested in two different ways.

1 Strip Harvesting: this is when a strip of the scalp is removed using a local anaesthesia and a wound is closed back. Such piece of a scalp tissue is cut in small pieces of the tissue known as graft and it is then transplanted in the place with thinning hair on the head of the patient. The method leaves a linear scar at the area of the donor and this has to be covered by the hair of the patient in case it is long. The recovery period may take over 2 weeks but the stitches have to be removed by qualified personnel.

FUE harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction: this is the procedure for an individual follicle of the hair that gets removed by the use of local anaesthesia. This is a micro removal and it uses tiny bunches of the hair that it is between the 0.6 up to 1.25mm in their diameter. Every follicle will then be reinserted in the scalp where the thinning place is by the use of a micro blade. Because only the follicles get removed, small puncture scars are the one to remain and the post surgical pain gets minimized. Since there is no need to do any suture, the recovery for FUE is around 7 days. This is the modern technique that we use at Medical Inn Clinic.

With the latest Gold Standard of using the ultra refined follicular unit for the hair transplantation, at least 50 grafts may be placed in square centimetre and this is also called Dense Packing.

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Hair transplant procedure done at Medical Inn Clinic

Transplant operation is done on the outpatient basis and only mild local anaesthetic is used. The scalp has to be shampooed and treated by the use of an antibacterial agent before the donor scalp is harvested.

FUE harvesting reduces the need of having to harvest a large scalp and it leads to natural results without any scar or just a little scar.

A surgeon uses a very small fine needle or micro blade to make the punctures on the recipient site to receive grafts. The grafts are placed by the use of the pre-determined pattern and density while angling wounds in a certain fashion in order to promote the hair pattern that are realistic. The technicians are the one to do the final part of this procedure which is to insert each graft to its place.

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After surgery care

The improvement in the care of the wounds allows semi permeable dressings and this lead to the seepage of the tissue fluid and blood. This can be applied at least every day. The recipient place should be protected against the sun and the shampooing needs to start in just two days of the procedure.

Within first 10 days, the transplanted hair that had been relocated, they are going to fall out. Within three months, the new hair will grow again in the follicles that were moved. The hair of the patients will start to grow in a normal way and it will continue to be thicker in six or nine months. The subsequent loss of the hair will only take place in the area that was not treated. There are patients who choose the use of the medication in order to slow down such loss of the hair while other patients may plan to have new transplants as the new places lose hair.

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Pubic hair transplant

Even if it is hard for some people to imagine it, there are some places where they consider having too much cupic hair to be the best thing. In women from West totally remove or minimize the traces of the pubic hair through Laser Hair Removal or shaving because of the aesthetic reasons, this cannot take place in Korea.

Having too much hair growth is a considered as fertility sign in Korea tradition and it is important so some people who do not have it consider going through a cosmetic surgical procedure known as pubic hair transplant.

The pubic hair transplant is common to the women who suffer less or loss of the normal amount of the pubic hair because of external factor or genetics. The technical terms used are pubic hypotrichosis and atrichosis.

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