G-Shot® Injection

About G-Shot® Injection

The G-spot amplification (GSA) or G-Shot is a non surgical or simple procedure which involves the injection of the hyaluronic Acid filler on Grafenburg spot or G-spot. When a G-spot is amplified, the sexual enhancement may be achieved in the sexually active women. In the studies done, it has been found out that 87 percent of women had been able to achieve gratification after the G-shot.

A G-shot takes less time and it is the procedure which is done under local anaesthesia in just 30 minutes. The actual injection does not take more than 5 minutes. A G-spot is going to enlarge and its diameter may be around a quarter and this is going to amplify its sensitivity. There is no need for the recovery period and the procedure result may last for 4 months.

G-Shot is the best procedure that compliments labiaplasty and vaginoplasty in order to improve the general sexual well being. You can contact Medical Inn Clinic now so that you can book for a free G-shot consultation together with the patient consultant.

G-Shot® Injection

G-Shot® Injection Q & A

It is painful?

The doctor uses a local freezing at the place but because of too much nerve found at the G-spot, you may feel some discomfort, however the procedure is too quick and the discomfort may last for a long period. It may have the same sensation as when you get Pap smear.

What are the effects that I get from a G-shot?

Heightened orgasm with more arousal had been reported to be among top results.

Is there any risk or side effect that I should expect?

The side effects may be minimal and they include excess swelling, infection and pain. The risks may include constant sensitivity and awareness of a G-spot and a nodule can form.

What takes place when the injection has worn off?

Normally the effect can last around 5 months. As the time passes because the filler is made by the use of the hyaluronic acid, the substance found in the body in natural way, the body will start to reabsorb it while the G-sport will start to shrinking and it will reach the normal size after sometime.