Fat Transfer

About Fat Transfer

The own body fat treatment in the Medical Inn Clinic

Own body fat treatment at the Medical Inn clinic can be a wonderful intervention, as it has two advantages; fat is removed from an undesirable part of your body and placed at a place where you want more shape and volume!

An fat transfer treatment is performed at the Medical Inn clinic as an outpatient procedure. You will receive a local anesthetic at two places: the “donor site” from where the fat is removed, and at a place where the fat is injected (“”receptor site”). A small needle on a syringe is used to suck off the fat. Excess fluid is removed and the fat is injected under the skin of the target area. This process can be repeated to achieve the desired result. Own body fat treatment is also known as own body fat transplantation or micro-lipo injection.

Fat Transfer

Where can own body fat be transferred?

Almost all areas, where there is a cavity or where you simply desire more volume, come in question as the area to which the fat is transferred (the recipient area). Popular areas include cheeks, lips, hips, hands, buttocks and breasts.

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Fat transfer in the face:

The right amount of fat tissue is even beneficial to your face. Facial contours remain smooth, the skin is taut, and the smoothness is maintained. However, with the age, the fatty tissue dissolves leaving your face limpy and exhausted. As a popular alternative to injectable fillers, fat transfer to face is a safe, non-allergic reaction, since no foreign substances are used.

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Fat transfer in the buttocks:

This intervention is generally known as Brazilian Butt Lift. It is quite popular at the Medical Inn clinic. Unwanted fat is removed from areas around the buttocks, from the belly, the inner thighs or rescue rings and is injected into the buttocks. Thus, the buttocks are enlarged significantly.

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Fat transfer in the breasts:

You need certain amount of fat to enlarge the breasts by own body fat treatment. The excess fat must not necessarily be removed from your hip, but can also be taken from thighs, butocks, arms or back. A surgical breast augmentation is the better solution for women from whose body enough fat cannot be taken. A disadvantage of breast augmentation by fat transfer is that most patients can not enlarge your breast more than half to one bra size. However, fat transplantation is well suited to the patients who need only a small enlargement and want a natural tissue in the breast.

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Preparations for own body fat treatment at the Medical Inn Clinic

Preparations for a fat transfer at the Medical Inn clinic take place similar to the preparations for our other cosmetic procedures. Remember that the fat transfer procedure uses a part of your body (for example fat) to improve the appearance of another part. There are several things that must be considered during the preparation. Generally these steps deal with one's own health and own well-being. It means to quit smoking as soon as possible prior to surgery and to stop drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks prior to surgery; both things can prevent recovery of the body from the operation.

Eat healthy and avoid excessive or heavy diets a few weeks before and after the intervention. For the intervention to be successful, the body needs enough fat in the target area. Otherwise, the amount of fat can not be safely removed.

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Advice for the own body fat treatment at the Medical Inn Clinic

No matter which anesthetic is used, a consultation at Medical Inn Clinic is very important. This is important not only for the surgeon to determine whether the intervention is appropriate; It also serves to determine whether the own body fat treatment is the right aesthetic treatment for you.

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Fat Transfer Q & A

From which area the fat is taken?

Fat can be taken from areas that have accumulations of fat, fat. Popular areas include the thighs and the belly.

Can I take the fat from my friend/relatives and use it if I do not have enough fat?

The answer is no. When the fat is transferred between two individuals, it would behave as a foreign substance and is thus rejected, not to mention the health risk, if body fluids are exchanged.

Is the result of the own body fat treatment in the Medical Inn clinic permanent?

Fat, which is transmitted to the areas of the body that generally do not move, lasts longer. Cheeks, for example, may require only one treatment, while another area such as mouth needed more treatment. About 20-30% of the fat will not survive. Therefore, it may take a few months until the final result is visible.

What should I expect after surgery?

You should expect swelling in the treated areas. A few blue spots and soreness may also occur. After a few weeks, it will go disappear. Avoid the movement of the treated areas during their healing. It is always best to follow the instructions of your surgeon for the time after the procedure.

When can I see the result of own body fat treatment in the Medical Inn clinic?

You can see the result of your fat transfer after 3 to 4 months. However, depending upon the treated areas and your general health, your surgeon can give you a better estimate.