Ear Surgery

About Ear Surgery


Asymmetrical, misshapen and protruding ears may affect the confidence and self esteem. There are people who may feel as if their ears are the reason of shame and they do everything possible so that they can hide them.

If you are tired of having to hide your own flaw behind your hair, you do not have to be ashamed about it again. You need should get more information about ear Surgery or contact us at 0211 26159299 so that you can book for a complimentary consultation with our patient consultant.

Ear Surgery

Stretched, split or the sagging earlobes

For many people, their earlobes are considered as unimportant part of their body but when they get a problem of how they look, they start to be bothered.

Doing the ear piercing is the types of the worlds and oldest form of the body modification and it is by now popular in women and men. Gauge or heavy weighted earrings are exposed to the stretching or to tearing. The good news is that at Medical Inn clinic we have a procedure that can correct such problems of the earlobes.

When you are under a local anaesthesia, your earlobe is going to get stitched and we can make a smaller hole that lets you wear only small earring or we can correct a split.

The costs begins at 250€ for one earlobe and the procedure takes no more than 30 minutes.

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Starting from the Consultation up to the Follow up appointment

During the consultative process, you will discuss about the pricing and the procedure. You will need a preoperative consultation done by a physician who has to perform your surgery and you will be given the surgery date. You get more information about both pre and post operative care and you have to be careful about how you follow them.

To get a general list of different things that you should do in order to prepare the body for the surgery in adequate manner, you should visit the page preparation of plastic or cosmetic surgery but you should be aware that everything was not included on the list.

A procedure has to be performed on the surgical centre of Medical Inn Clinic. After the procedures, a number of appointments for the follow up are going to be booked in order to monitor the recovery.

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Ear surgery (otoplasty) cost

At Medical Inn Clinic, the ear pinning cost depends on the type of anaesthesia and the deformity of the ear. In case you want only one ear to be corrected or pinned, it will reduce the surgery cost. When the otoplasty had been combined with other types of the surgical procedure like Blepharoplasty or facelift, then this is going to reduce some portion of an otoplasty cost.

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Ear Surgery Q & A

Give me more information about otoplasty done at Medical Inn Clinic

Otoplasty is a technical term used for ear surgery. Ear surgery is the cosmetic surgical procedure and it is used to enhance how the ears of the patients look.

What the ear surgery is going to correct?

The ear surgery may correct different aesthetic concerns like pointy ears, protruding ears, large earlobes, oddly shaped ears and asymmetry ears.

What I should not expect from the ear surgery?

The reasons behind the ear surgery from Toronto Cosmetic Clinic do not include improvements for hearing or the functions of the ear.

Who is the right candidate to undergo the ear surgery?

Women and men who are not happy about how their ears look like, they are the best candidates for the otoplasty. The individual to undergo the surgery should be physically and mentally healthy and they should have goals that are realistic with the right expectations from such procedure.

How long the operation is going to take?

The ear surgery may take around one to 2 hours and this may depend at which extend the correction has to be made. A good estimate is going to be given in the preoperative consultation together with the doctor who will perform the surgery.

What it is done during the ear surgery?

You are going to be kept under the anaesthesia which maybe local sedation or general anaesthesia. The incision will be made in order to remove the excess cartilage or skin. An incision is normally done behind the ear and it is hidden under the natural crease. The skin can be losen and the cartilage may be shaped in order to achieve desirable contour. The incision is then dressed and sutured. This is the general outline for a typical procedure of ear surgery. However, your surgery may be different according to what has to be done. In every case, at Medical Inn Clinic, all the individuals who have to undergo the ear surgery, they are going to get an outline of how the procedure will be performed in preoperative consultation.

What happens in the recovery period?

It is common to experience a level of discomfort when the anaesthesia had worn off. The ache and the throbbing is only temporary and it may be eased by taking prescribed pain relief. A protective dressing has to be worn around two days in order to help with the healing. Un-dissolvable stitches that had been used are going to be removed in just two weeks after the surgery. Follow up appointments are scheduled to see a medical professional in order to monitor the progress with your recovery. Contact activities like sports which can involve the chaffing and the rubbing of your ears have to be avoided within the first month. You can enhance the recovery when you sleep with an elevated head and to follow all pre with post operative instructions which had been given by a surgeon in charge.

When will I be able to return to school or to work?

You can be able to return to school or to work in just one week after the procedure as far as it s not going to compromise the recovery

How long is it going to take to see the results?

You are going to see the results from the ear surgery when the dressing had been removed. This normally takes only few days but it can take longer according to how long the recovery takes.

Are there any risks that are associated with the otoplasty?

Otoplasty just like any other surgical procedures has its set of the risks. Such risks may include the infections with the blood clots but the two can be treated effectively. A complete list of the side effects or risks is going to be given during consultative process.