Chemical Peels

About Chemical Peels

If you suffer from bad complexion, acne, spotted skin, wrinkles and even actinic keratosis, it can affect your social and professional relationships. It is time to do something about it!

Chemical peelings at the MEDICAL INN Clinic peel off the top layers of the skin. In an intervention, which usually lasts less than half an hour, unpleasant abnormalities are removed or minimized and the smooth and healthy skin underneath is exposed. The healing process, during which you must follow the instructions for the proper care of the treated skin, stimulates the growth of fresh, collagen-rich skin. A series of chemical peelings at specific intervals can strengthen the skin. The treated skin will be even more resistant to environmental impacts.

A number of problems, from which the skin suffers, like Sun damage, acne, acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation can be treated.

For a complete refresh of the youthfulness of your skin, chemical peelings with other anti-aging procedures and products can be combined that are offered at the MEDICAL INN Clinic.



Chemical Peels