Cellulite Treatment

About Cellulite Treatment

What is cellulite?

Superficial pockets of trapped fat on your hips, buttocks and abdomen cause the lumpy hollow strewn skin. It takes place in 90% of all adult women, and it is the disaster for most of them.

With the age, stress, overeating, too low water absorption and too low sports can contribute to the formation of cellulite, smoking is also identified as a factor.

One more reason to stop it. Cellulite can in fact develop and worsen due to smoking, as it constricts the capillaries of the skin, disturbs the connective tissue and lowers down the vitamin C levels in the body, which is important for collagen production. All of these factors have negative impact on blood circulation and skin quality. Toxins are trapped in enlarged fat pockets, thus increasing the chance of developing cellulite.

Cellulite Treatment

How one does get rid of cellulite?


Acoustic wave therapy (AWT®) uses the body's own repair forces to streamline the tissue. The lymphatic system cannot be ascribed in advanced pathological stages of cellulite in sufficient mass of protein molecules and degradation products from the interstitial tissue into the venous bloodstream. The high concentration of proteins in the interstitial tissue leads to the membranes and consequently to a change in the properties of the tissue. This results into an increase in the impedance mismatch, where the acoustic wave comes into effect.

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Who wears shorts?


Thanks to the cellulite-reducing shock wave treatments at the MEDICAL INN Clinic!


Almost all women suffer from cellulite – in fact, 90% of all the women have cellulite in one or more areas of their body, no matter what are their weight or figure. Shock wave therapy is a natural treatment that not only flattens / smoothens the skin and reduces the depressions, but, at the same time, also performs lymphatic drainage to relieve the body of certain toxins!


During a session, you can concentrate for the majority of the treatment on the main problem area (for most of us the hips and the buttocks) focus. It is a full-body treatment, so other parts of the body are also treated so that you can take advantage of the effects of lymphatic drainage. It is a painless / pain-free treatment. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the subcutaneous, deep fat and muscle layers. This in turn helps to relieve the trapped fat in the connective tissue, to flatten the skin.


At the MEDICAL INN Clinic, we recommend a total of 6 sessions, 1 session per week. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water, eat healthy and play games regularly to ensure that you get the best results.

Summer and shorts season has arrived! And we all know what that means... it is time to stop cellulite!

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3 cellulite myths

There are a lot of false information about cellulite in circulation. Therefore, we want to correct 3 of the biggest myths regarding cellulite (orange skin).


Myth #1: You can get rid of cellulite through sports. Sure, cellulite is mostly fat, which means that it should be possible to get rid of it through diet and sports, is not it?

Wrong. Cellulite is not only excess fat - it is also caused due to the unique way, like the fat is trapped under the skin. Its formation is associated to hormones and genetics. Factors such as stress, genes, and poor skin elasticity can make you more prone to cellulite. Since it is a kind of fat, a diet and sports can help to keep the unwanted depressions under control.


Myth #2: You cannot get rid of cellulite. In fact, you can - but you need to find the treatment method that works for you and must be very careful. There are various treatments that reduce and eliminate cellulite. But as each individual is different, it may happen that a treatment does not work for all. You have to find the method that works for you, whether it is a cream, acoustic waves/shock waves or a special compression garment. Give treatment some time to work, as the results will not be probably immediately visible.


Myth #3: If you drink plenty of water, you can get rid of cellulite. Would it not be great if we could to get rid of cellulite by pouring every day some gallons of water in us? Unfortunately, this is a myth and, in reality, it makes cellulite even worse.

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