Breast Reduction

About Breast Reduction


Who should undergo breast reduction?

The procedure is for women who suffer shoulder or neck complaints during or not during the sports or other women who think that the weight of their breast is too cumbersome. As a woman grows old, large breast sag and the complaints even became more.


To undergo breast reduction surgery, you need to be over 18 years old and the breast has to be grown to the maturity. In some circumstances with careful deliberation, the operation may be done on young women but when a woman is not able to function well on their daily activities.

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What it is the surgery?

Before a plastic surgeon intervenes at Medical Inn Clinic, the marking on every breast will be done using marking pen to show where new nipple will be found and how much skin should be removed.

There are many techniques used for the breast reduction: an anchor shaped incision or the keyhole methods or there can be the combination of the two options. All these techniques are going to leave the scar near the nipple. At Medical INN Clinic, we have plastic surgeons who use the latest techniques in the breast reduction and mostly with the keyhole method. Keyhole method has a vertical coupe line found on the lower part of your breast and across the nipple. The plastic surgeon can also use a technique called Hall-Findlay or the modern modification to such method.

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What happens after the surgery?

A tape is going to be put on your breast and the tubes are going to come out on both sides to be used like drains for tissue fluids and excessive blood. You only have to stay only a night at our clinic and the next day, the drains should be removed. In two days, you are the one to remove the tape alone. From that day, you can take the showers on daily basis but after a week, you should be able to do all the activities that you have to do on daily basis as you normally do. Strenuous activities and sport are recommended in 4 to 6 weeks. The scar cream may be applied when scars have been healed completely and this means within 3 weeks.

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The scars from the surgery

You should not expect that the scars are going to be just little lines. You should expect to have substantial scars. The vertical scars heal better. This is why it is the preferred method when it comes to using the technique and the crease is made under the breasts.

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Influence of the surgery to the breast feeding

The surgery is known to influence the breastfeeding but the level to which it does this, it is hard to know. It can be hard for a woman who had undergone the surgery to be able to breastfeed her child exclusively.

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How long the results last after the surgery?

The breasts stop to continue to grow but if there is an increase in the weight, it can make the breast to be heavier. In such cases, the breast that were firm after the surgery, they may sag and become less firm. This is something normal. A cup size of a bra can change without change in the volume.

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