What it is Botox® Cosmetic?

Botox® cosmetic is an injection given at Medical Inn clinic and it is going to be the best time that you can spend to improve your looks. It only takes 10 minutes. The product is sold on prescription and it has to be injected by certified medical personnel. BOTOX® cosmetic is meant to relax facial muscles which may lead to wrinkles in old people. As a recognized prescription product in the entire world, Botox® is among the leading procedure in aesthetic and cosmetic field. This is the same also for Medical Inn Clinic since using injections of Botox® cosmetic is among the non-surgical procedures done on regular basis.


What it is a Botox® procedure?

Botox® is also called anabotulinum Toxin A. It contains purified protein with neurotoxin complex and when it is injected into a muscle, it leads to relaxation. The product is produced under controlled settings in laboratory with a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. It blocks the chemicals signals that make the nerve impulses to be sent into the muscles and to cause the movement. The wrinkles are the result of the repetitive creasing within the skin from facial expression that people make every day. As the time passes, the wrinkles became deep and large. Botox® cosmetic works by relaxing the muscles which leads to such dynamic wrinkles and the skin can smooth out in a natural way. This method may be used like a corrective or a preventive measure so that severe or moderate facial lines may be improved. Botox® Cosmetic is now used to treat the following conditions:

  • Glabellar lines or frown lines
  • Upper facial wrinkles which include lateral canthus and forehead
  • Lateral canthal lines or crows feet

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Who is the right candidate for Botox®?

Botox® Cosmetic was developed for women and men who are aged from 18-65. In case you are looking to stay with a youthful appearance and if you want to improve how the wrinkles and fine lines look, you should try out the Botox® Cosmetic since it is going to be the best solution. You can call us and we will give you a free consultation to know what you should do.

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What to expect from the procedure

There is a misconception that Botox® Cosmetic is going to eradicate facial expression with its movements at once. The aim of the treatment is softening the facial lines and to provide the patients the appearance that look natural.

When you come to Medical Inn Clinic, you will pass through consultation first and a certified doctor will check your medical history, he will find out the type of the aesthetic result you wish to get and he will address other concerns you may be having. The doctor will explain the units you need according to the results you want, the cost, the risks you are exposed to during the treatment and the result you should expect to see after the injection.

The current injection is done using the finest needle and it can take only some minutes with a little and sometime no discomfort. They can be a gradual weakening of the muscle that has been treated and the results may take around 2 weeks to be seen after the procedure. More treatments should be done after 3 to 6 months to continue to enjoy the results since they are not permanent.

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Botox® medical uses

Botox® is approved to treat other non-cosmetic conditions. The use of Botox® for cosmetic results was discovered accidently when it was being used to treat a certain medical condition. The common use of Botox® is treating too much migraine and sweating.


Excessive sweating is commonly known as hyperhidrosis and at least 3 percent of the population of the entire world is suffering from this condition. Hyperhidrosis take place when an hypothalamus, a part of brain which controls the body temperature is overacting and it sends the signals to the eccrine sweat glands that they should start to work. Sometime a problem may also be with sympathetic nervous system that connects the sweat glands and hypothalamus when it is faulty. It is not clear about what may be causing the hyperhidrosis but the bouts are being triggered by different things like anxiety, spicy foods and exercise.

Botox® is used to treat severe conditions of axillary hyperhidrosis. The reduction of how much sweat that a patient gets underarms is noticed in few days after the first month and it can take over a month.


Severe headaches and migraines are being experienced by many people in the world from the age of 10 up to the age of 50 years and more women suffer from them compared to men. Migraines may immobilize the sufferers and they may make them not able to do anything even a simple task. However, migraines are not only headaches but they can be accompanied by other types of symptoms like photophobia, vomiting and nausea. A type of aura called a warning sign can start before at least half an hour before the headache take place. The aura can be a sensation or visible. When it is visible, it is known as shimmering light which is perceived on the subject around the field of the vision of the patient. When it is a sensation, it includes numbness, dizziness in the face or on the extremities.

Botox® is prescribed to be used on the adults and it helps in preventing the headaches for the people who are over 18 years old and who suffer chronic migraines.

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Botox®, is it safe?

Botox® has been researched widely as a prescription drug in the entire world and it is known to be always safe.

How long should I wait after an injection?

After injection, you may return to your home or to work at once. You are always advised not to rub or to touch an area that has been treated or to lay down for long hours after the treatment

Does the Botox® Injection hurt?

Many patients had reported that they did not feel anything during the treatment. This is because the needles that are used for the injection of the Botox® are too fine and the patient may only feel a small prick sensation. Sometime a numbing agent may be used to treat the place before the treatment to ensure that the discomfort had been minimized. The doctor ensures that the treatment is enjoyable for every patient.

How long the Botox® injection will last?

Botox® Cosmetic lasts for around 3 to 4 months on average. After 3 months, you may start to notice some gradual movement of the place that has been treated and the dynamic wrinkles may start to reappear if you have not gone for the next treatment. When you keep up with the appointment for the next injections after 3 months, the new wrinkles will stretch out and the results are going to last for a long period. You will also be required to go less often for injection.

Do I look unnatural when I get Botox® Injection?

The reason behind the use of Botox® Cosmetic is that it softens the wrinkles and the fine lines. A treatment is going to change the facial appearance or expression and you will not look as a hard work down or as frozen.

If I do not go for next injection, do wrinkles look worse than before?

As the time passes, the wrinkles are going to look as they looked before the Botox ® Injection, however they are not going to be worse but they will continue to be deeper as the time passed in case you stop to use the treatment since the process of natural aging will continue.

How many times do I have to be injected Botox®?

The patients need to have subsequent injections within a period of 3 months?

Can I be injected with Botox® when I am pregnant?

You should not since Botox® cosmetic was not meant to be used by women who breastfeed or who are expecting.

How Botox® cosmetic is different from the dermal filler?

Botox® cosmetic works by softening and preventing the fine line with wrinkle formation. Dermal filler works by plumping and filling different places on your face. If you do not have any problem, you may combine the two procedures in one treatment.

How may I know where to get a good doctor who can administer the Botox® cosmetic injection?

The best medical professional is the one that has been fully certified for performing this procedure. He should have good standing in medical organization in charge and should be working in clean and modern facility. He has to be a person with enough knowledge about the facial anatomy but you should also be comfortable around him. He should have a license of administering the Botox® Cosmetic injection.

I am in 20s, does it mean that I am still too young to get Botox® Cosmetic injection?

If you are concerned about any aging sign and you would like to prevent the formation of the wrinkle, you can get the treatment even when you are in the 20s since this is not too young age.