Asian Eyelid Surgery

About Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery

Medical Inn Clinic offers the Asian Eyelid surgery which is the cosmetic procedure to modify the unique appearance of the Asians of having non-creased upper eyelids. The surgery makes their eyes to look defined, larger and brighter. This is a popular invasive aesthetic surgery done by most Asians around the world.

It has been estimated that at least a half of the women and men who have Asian origins have only a single eyelid which means that there is no fold or crease found on their eyelid or even when it is available, it is closer to the eyelashes. The single and smooth upper eyelid makes the eye to look small while the eyelid look puffier and the face looks as if it is tired in general even when it is not it. This is also makes it hard to apply the make-up. People who do not have the pretarsal crease do not like such traits and they may suffer problems with low self confidence and self-esteem.

Asian Eyelid Surgery is done at Medical Inn Clinic

A double eyelid surgery is done on the outpatients and in the state of art facilities at Medical Inn Clinic. This surgery procedure has to be performed by a qualified facial surgeon.

According to an extent of the correction that it is needed, the surgery normally involves incision at the upper eyelid in order to remove the excess tissue and this may also include the fat and skin. The incision has to be sealed afterwards so that it may mimic a normal crease. A technique used by surgeon in Medical Inn Clinic, it was designed in the way that it can complement the original eyelid but at the same time, it preserves the patients’ ethnic identity and it creates an harmonious balance with the entire face.

The Asian Eyelid Surgery may correct asymmetric crease on the upper eyelid so that a person can get symmetric appearance.

Like any other surgery, you need to pass through a consultation to make sure that the procedure is the right one for you. You can call us at 0211 26159 299 so that you can book a free consultation.

Asian Eyelid Surgery