Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

About Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Arm lift is an elective surgical procedure and it should correct aesthetic problems of the patients’ arms by removing sagging and excess skin. This procedure is known as Brachioplasty and the results you get from this surgery performed by Medical Inn clinic is to get well toned, youthful and well proportioned arms.

The surgery removes the excessive tissues including fatty deposit by means of liposuction and excision and this in return reduces the arms’ circumference.


Why people get Bat Wings

Bat Wings is a well known term and it is used to refer to the wobbling of the skin which may be under the arms. The reason behind getting flabby skin may be because there is a reduced elastic properties or the underlying tissue has been weakened. An amount of the skin can vary from a person to another and there are other factors that can contribute in the sagging and the amount of the skin that sags.

These factors are weight loss and age and if you have sagging skin as the results of such problems, then it is time to consider Medical Inn clinic so that we can come to your rescue.

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Arm lift procedure

Arm lift procedure is a customized procedure since each patient will need to have different level of correction in order to get well contoured arms. There are some patients who have got more skin compared to others and they need a detailed and longer surgery. Medical Inn Clinic performs the procedure for outpatient and it is done under general anesthesia.

An incision made depends on the amount of the skin which should be removed. When there is a need to remove the skin at a large scare, the incision may start at armpit (axilla) and reach to an elbow. The incision is done inside of the arm (medially) and it is not too visible when the procedure has ended. In some cases, an incision may run around the arm and to the sides of the patient’s back. It can be intimidating, however, there is nothing to worry about since an incision is made by a Plastic Surgeon who has an experience and he will ensure that the scars are smooth. You should also remember that these scars are important to reach to the results you want which are tighter and well defined arms and this is why many patients decide to go through Brachioplasty.

When there is a small level of correction needed, the incision may be made in the Axilla. This is designed for the patients who do not have too much skin that sags. Because an incision is underarm, it is not easily detectable. Some cases may require an incision that runs from an axilla, down to an elbow. When an incision is made, the redundant skin is excised and deeper tissue that had become loose is corrected. A skin is going to be sutured and an arm is wrapped so that there can be less swelling and less bruising in post-operation period.

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Arm lift with liposuction

To get the best results, the doctor may recommend the use of liposuction to be done on the places that surrounds your arms to get a rejuvenated appearance. Some fats may be removed by the use of the excision during the removing of the skin but for large fat pads, they may be a need to use liposuction.

The common areas where liposuction is used on the arms are:

- The fat pad at posterior axillary or Bra line

- Fat pads on anterior axillary or Breast Tail

For the patients who only have a problem with excessive fat but without suffering sagging or stretching skin, liposuction is going to be the right procedure to correct the problem. Normally patients who are still young and who had a good skin structure are suited to undergo liposuction alone.

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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Q & A

How can I maintain the results I got from Brachioplasty

You should keep a stable weight and you should start working on the muscle by exercising with weight bearing exercises so that your arms can be toned.

How the scars can be minimized?

You should avoid sunlight which includes tanning beds so that the scars may not worsen. Using laser treatment with the silicone product may reduce the arm lift scars.

How much arm lift procedure costs?

At our clinic Medical Inn, the cost of the procedure depends on which extend the correction is needed and the cost may increase when there is a need to perform liposuction on the area that surrounds your arms.

What risks I am exposed to after Brachioplasty procedure?

The common risks maybe hematoma, nerve damage, numbness, the reaction to the anesthesia, infection and wound dehiscence. However, there are other uncommon risks that can occur to some patients.