Anesthesia – Anesthesiology

The Anesthesiology as a medical specialty includes anesthesia procedures of all kinds, the maintenance of the vital functions during surgical and diagnostic procedures as well as the intensive care, emergency medicine, pain therapy and palliative medicine.
Our highly specialized anesthesia doctors place the patients at the center of their work and can offer a high degree of safety, competence, reliability, care and ultimately patient comfort. Latest anesthesia methods and state of the art technical equipment guarantee our patients an individual and safe anesthesia.
In recent decades, the outpatient surgery, and the outpatient anesthesia have achieved solid priority in this area. The modern anesthetic shapes enable us to send more and more patients in the domestic environment just a few hours after the surgery.
The anesthetized operators achieve this through a very close and trustful cooperation with us. Our patients are looked after exclusively by specialists. Also, the nursing staff is anesthesiologically very well trained, regular education and training are encouraged and guaranteed.