Medical Inn Düsseldorf is the headquarters of the Medical Inn Clinics and is located in Düsseldorf – Oberkassel. Oberkassel is one of the richest districts of Düsseldorf. The center for plastic and aesthetic surgery is located in the Arnulf Street, a side street of the Luegallee. The Luegallee is a magisterial and main shopping street of the district. Oberkassel is popular as a site for freelancers, especially lawyers, graphic artists, designers and advertisers. Many artists including Joseph Beuys, Gotthard Graubner, Walter Ophey, Günther Uecker and Jörg Wiele had or have their studios in Oberkassel.

Several locations, one clinic

The different clinic locations are closely interlinked. They mutually benefit through improvements and developments – what has proved prominent on a clinic site that is applicable as a standard and is widely implemented in all our clinics. This means that the wheel does not have to be reinvented each time.