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About Rhinoplasty 

Your nose is found where everybody is able to see it, in the middle of your face but sometime you may wish that it is not that prominent. It can be bumpy, knobby or big and it may not be having any definable shape. Trauma or genetics can work together to determine how your nose look but sometime you may wish that it is more aesthetically pleasing, with better contour or that it was smaller.



Look no other place since at Medical Inn Clinic we do nose surgery and it is the commonest plastic facial surgery that it is performed at the clinic. This is because there are many people who want to have better appearance for their nose. The nose reshaping is also known as Rhinoplasty and it helps to achieve a better and proportionate appearance through adjusting the appearance, shape and the size of your nose.


What the nose surgery is able to correct?

The aim of the Rhinoplasty is to make sure that a client achieves a harmonious balance for his nose with other features of his face. It is done by the expert in the plastic surgery who has enough knowledge about the facial anatomy and who has the experience in the extensive nose surgery. Having a nose job done, is more than just having to change the size of your nose. The surgery has the ability of changing any visible feature of the anatomy which include

  • Increasing of the size of your nose by using your cartilage
  • Decreasing the size of your nose
  • Shortening the length of your nose
  • Narrowing the width of the nostrils
  • Reducing the prominence of the nose’s tip
  • Removing the bump on a bridge of your nose
  • Correcting the nasal birth defects
  • Fixing the injuries caused by other activities and sports
  • Helping with some breathing problems that are caused by the problem of deviated septum.

What it is important is that the Rhinoplasty is going to help you to get the profile you always wished to have and this allows you to be confident about the appearance you get.

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How can I know if the Rhinoplasty is the right procedure for my nose?

When the shape or the size of the nose is too bothersome and it interferes with your own self esteem or if you are not happy with how the nose balances with the rest of your face, then it is the right time to call us, at Medical Inn Clinic for the consultation.   People who have problems with their breathing problems or people who had injuries on their nose will be helped by the Rhinoplasty. You should be over 16 for the surgery when the nose has been developed completely. It is also important when you are in good health, emotional, mental and physical. You should also have realistic experience for the results you want to get.

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Different types of nose surgery?

The details of the surgery are going to depend on what should be corrected and which is the anatomy of the face. Common nose types or techniques are as following.

Closed Rhinoplasty is the method that involves the use of the internal incision in order to adjust the structure of the nose.

Open rhinoplasty is a technique that uses a new incision in the tissue within nostrils and it is known as columella

The primary Rhinoplasty does not involve any surgery that has been performed on the nose or before the trauma affects the nose. The alteration on the nose structure is done so that the person can get desirable result.

Secondary Rhinoplasty is when a nose may have been operated on or it had suffered the trauma. This is a type of the Rhinoplasty which is known as revision air secondary. This is the type of the nose job that had been designed in fixing any problems that had resulted from the previous surgery or trauma.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: while looking for the physician, you should be careful and choose only a facial surgeon who has enough knowledge about how to create a shape or a form of the nose that will be specific to your own face so that the nose can be compatible with other features of your face. This is being said, the facial surgeon should have the experience with the available ethnicities which include the surgeries that were done specifically to the Hispanic Rhinoplasty, Caribbean or African Rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty and Asian Rhinoplasty.

Septoplasty; this is the type that it is performed when a septum, the structure inside the nose that divides the nasal cavities from one another, had become shifted and deviated and it prevents a good airflow in the nose. This is a type of the Rhinoplasty meant to correct the functions of the nose but not the aesthetic or cosmetic appearance.

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Aging rhinoplasty

Your nose also will suffer the problems caused by aging and you can undergo the Rhinoplasty meant for an aging nose. It is called rejuvenation rhinoplasty and it targets characteristics of the body which are unique. As the time passes, the structure of the nose may change because of different factors, however, the most remarkable one is the worsening of the cartilage with the thickening of a skin found at the low portion of a nose. A surgery may lift gently a tip of your nose to achieve a desirable projection while restoring the original shape of your nostrils and through improving the breathing capacity. It minimizes or eliminates the dorsal hump and it is going to create a youthful appearing of the nose which is going to complement the entire face.

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Where to begin

To start with this procedure, you should get information about the surgery and come to our clinic to get a free consultation. You will get more information about the Rhinoplasty and you will see a 3-D visualization of your nose to predict how you may look with the results you want.

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Rhinoplasty surgery

A nose surgery has to be done in the facilities of Medical Inn Clinic that had been accredited. It is performed by a specialized and certified plastic facial surgeon. It is always recommended to meet the surgeon before the surgery for assessment in order to discuss what shape you want for your nose. He will evaluate the structure of the nose together with your general health. This is to ensure that the surgeon understands all the concerns you have about your nose. You are going to be given the instructions to follow in the pre-operative period and this includes the direction on stopping taking alcohol, on cutting back the smoking or not taking some types of the medication like the products that contain aspirin.

Taking into consideration the type of the nose job needed and the level of correction, the surgery may take around 3 hours and it is done under general anaesthesia. You do not need to stay at the hospital for the night since you can go home after the procedure with a friend or a family member. Before you get discharged, you will get internal splints inside your nose. This is to make sure that the nose heals straight. You will also get a bandage on the nose with some few stitches.

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After the nose surgery

You will be given an appointment of going back to the clinic in a week to be checked by a surgeon to ensure that your nose is healing in the right way. Many patients may need to have a week off their work. You cannot see your restructured nose because it will be covered by the dressings or it can be supported by the splint. Everything will be removed in a week or two weeks and during this period, the bruising and discomfort can subside. Puffiness and swelling will take longer to disappear so that you can see your new nose.

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Risks with complications

The common side effects that result from the nose job include pain, swelling or bruising. These side effects are temporary and permanent risks can include the burst of small blood vessels inside the nose together with scarring. Other serious risks are these that related to every surgical procedure like complication, infection or bleeding caused by administration of the anaesthesia.

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Non surgical nose procedure

When the nose needs a minor or a moderate correction, a suitable option may be a non surgical Rhinoplasty. The non surgical Rhinoplasty requires the use of dermal filler injection in order to correct the aesthetic defects like a bump at the bridged or an undefined and a droopy tip. But surgery is the only option, in case you wish to make the nose or the nostrils to be smaller. A patient consultant will give you more information and will assess you to tell you the right procedure for you.

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Before the nose surgery

Making a decision of getting the Rhinoplasty is going to be made at a personal level. You should talk to a surgeon who will help you in determining if you have realistic expectation. You should also learn about the risks and the benefits of the procedure. The following are some of the factors that you should keep in mind before you can sign the consent form.

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Every surgery has its own risk

There are always the risks of getting some complication whenever you undergo a Rhinoplasty. Some examples of the complications which may rise are poor wound healing, anaesthesia healing, bleeding and infection. But, when a reconstructive surgery is done by an experienced and qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon, the chance of complications is reduced.

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You may need to undergo the second Rhinoplasty

At least one in every ten rhinoplasty patients requires having a second procedure after sometime to correct or to remove some tissue. The need to have a revision or a secondary Rhinoplasty is not predictable and it may arise even when the surgeon was qualified. The good news is that the revision is normally minor.

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Insurance companies do not pay for the cost of cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Many insurance companies refuse to pay for the cost of the Rhinoplasty if it is for cosmetic reasons only. Normally, insurance companies cover costs of the reconstructive nose surgery if it is meant for functional reasons only like alleviating breathing problems that are the result of the obstructions. Even when you get reconstructive nose surgery because of functional reasons, you should talk with the insurance company to know how much they can cover for the surgery.

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The result you get from the surgery is not going to be what you hoped for

Regardless of how skilled the surgeon may be, it is possible that you are not going to be always happy with final result you get with your Rhinoplasty. But whenever you have realistic and clear expectation which match to what the doctor is able to do, you will be happy with the results you get from a procedure.

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It may take over a year so that final results of a surgery may become evident.

Even if most of the swelling of the Rhinoplasty may go down in a month of the procedure, the swelling that remains can take even a year to disappear completely. This is why you are not going to see the final result from the surgery until a year had passed completely. There are patients who became depressed after the surgery because they may be expecting immediate results. A client should be patient and he has to allow enough time so that the recovery can be complete so that he can see the complete result. It is comforting to know that most of the patients, who wait for full recovery, are satisfied with the results they get.

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5 top benefits of a Rhinoplasty.

Regardless if you want to undergo the first surgery or if you are thinking about the revision nose surgery, you need to keep in mind the benefits that you can get.

1. It balances your facial features in a good harmony: When it is being done by a person who is qualified, the Rhinoplasty has the ability of bringing the features of you face in harmony. Even a small change on the size and shape of the nose may lead to significant results and your facial features may look even more proportionate. There are patients who may combine the nose job together with other cosmetic procedures like cheek implants or chin augmentation in order to achieve better balance between facial features and the nose

2. Reduce the breathing problems: even if the majority of the patients want to get a nose surgery for the cosmetic reasons, the Rhinoplasty serves also functional reasons. In case the nasal passage is small or have a septum that had deviated, or if you have problems in breathing, the nose job will help in correcting such problems and it will bring the relief to you.

3.Increased self esteem and confidence: Even if a nose surgery cannot cure completely a problem of self esteem, it helps the people to feel better with how they look and if you do not like how the nose look like, you are going to be self conscious.   Whenever you have realistic and the specific goals, the nose surgery can help to enhance the appearance while improving your self confidence.

4. It improves the overall appearance

Since the nose is found in a centre of your entire face, it is going to draw enough attentions. When the nose imperfection is corrected, you will get a better facial symmetry and it will improve the beauty and balance. Even the smallest alteration on the nose will have an impact on how you look. There are many people who will see you after the recovery and they may comment that you look amazing and they will not realise that you have got the nose job.

5. It helps to correct the deformity caused by the birth defects or injury: In case you suffer a cartilage deviation, problems that stem from the injury, asymmetrical nose shape or birth defects, the Rhinoplasty is going to improve your aesthetic appearance of the nose.

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Ethnic nose surgery

Your nose may be the characteristic feature of the ethnicity and this may be considered like a problematic feature to the people who have it. They may hate the uniqueness, size and shape of the nose they have. Even if these traits may not be that unique to the individuals or to specific ethnic background, they are always common.

While looking for a plastic facial surgeon, you should look for the surgeon depending on the experience he has with different types of the nose. You need to view after and before pictures of other patients who got a Rhinoplasty and who had the same nose characteristics as yours. You need also to get a surgeon who is able to create a nose that look natural and which continues to make a harmony together with other features of your face.

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Asian Rhinoplasty

The main goal of the Asian Rhinoplasty is to be able to get the face that it is in harmony with the entire face. Balance is a key and the results should be able to balance between preserving the ethnic identity and to compliment features of your face. Before, the inexperience together with less knowledge, led to unfavourable results. It was common to see that Asian noses were being modified so that they may look the best but in a Caucasian face. But this does not take place anymore.

An Asian nose needs to have specific care to down play or to enhance some particular areas of the face. In a consultative process, a facial surgeon who is scheduled to do the procedure is going to determine extend that the modification should not exceed. This should be enough to correct the face to be aesthetically appealing but it should not be over corrected which can lead to more problems.

Some traits may make the people with Asian nose not to be happy about how their noses look like. The following are examples

  • Insufficient projection of their nose tip which leads to a flat look
  • A bulbous tip which may not have any definition
  • Too wide or oblique nostrils which overwhelm the lower portion of their nose.
  • Sometime flaring may take place
  • A bridge can be too flat and this leads to the appearance of a wide or flat nose.

The cosmetic Rhinoplasty for the Asians can involve the removal of the skin, the insertion of the cartilage or the insertion of the facial implants in order to get the results needed.

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African American Rhinoplasty

According to the descent of a person if it is from South, West, East or North Africa or Caribbean, there is going to be a vast difference in the size and the shape of their nose. There are some common features which these people may wish to correct and these includes:

  • Depressed front angle of the nose
  • Broader curvature for nostrils
  • Flatter or wider dorsum or tip of the nose

The result that most patients may be looking for is a reduce nostril flare, a bridge which is pronounced better and the defined tip. You need to be clear about which goal you want from the cosmetic surgery and let the surgeon know about them to make sure that he helps to get the result you desire.

Middle Eastern and Persian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a common surgery that everyone is looking out for and it is accepted procedure of plastic surgery. Normally, the characteristics that people of Middle Eastern find bothersome are:

  • A large dorsal hump
  • A general large size
  • The tip that face downwards
  • A bulbous tip

People from Middle Eastern, normally have a thicker skin on the nose and an experienced surgeon should take this in account while making the incisions.

Refinement, enhancements and Harmony are the key points that a facial plastic surgeon should remember for you to retain your beauty and an ethnic identity. Even with a small modification, the results you get can be dramatic and can improve your self esteem.

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How long it will take to see the results?

Even if the change can be experienced directly after the surgery, it is hard to see it since the bruising, swelling and bandage will be hiding these results. The real results that you got from the Rhinoplasty will start to appear in few months after the surgery. The complete recovery for swelling may take over a year but the patient will start to see the improvement early. The nose became more subtle and finer after the swelling had subsided completely.

How long the results will last?

Rhinoplasty is going to alter permanently the size and the shape of the nose of the client. The results are permanent but sometime they may be affected because of natural aging.

Can my Rhinoplasty be covered by insurance?

Private insurance and OHIP cover for the Rhinoplasty but when you are having severe problems in breathing like septoplasty. The reason for this surgery is for the functions of the nose but not for the aesthetic one. But some cosmetic defects may be addressed during the surgery?

Will I get visible scars?

Even if it important to make the incisions while doing the Rhinoplasty, they are going to be found in the discreet places like inside of a nose, in the nostrils or under the nose. Any resulted scar is going to be concealed. In order to help a scar to heal in a proper way (to became a small line that cannot be easily noticed), you will need to follow all the instruction you are given for post surgery care.

Does the surgery hurt?

Normally, the anaesthesia is going to be administered before performing the rhinoplasty. After the procedure, the pain medications are prescribed and the patients experience discomfort but not the pain while recovering.

Am I going to get a black eye?

Some people may get black eye but not everyone. But if you get it, it will subside in less than a week when you rest well

Am I too old to get a Rhinoplasty?

It is advised to wait so that you can have complete facial growth. This means around 16 for a woman or 18 for a man. However, this may be different for every person.

It is necessary for my nose to be broken?

Most of the time, it is not the requirements to have a nasal bone broken in order to perform the procedure. Many people may need to have just a cartilage reshaping in order to achieve their goals.

Is it noticeable to everyone that I did a Rhinoplasty?

The main reason behind the Rhinoplasty is restoring the balance of your natural face in order to enhance its features. In some cases, you may be told that you look prettier, healthier or better but they may not notice how different your nose is.

How long it can take for me to go back to my job?

Normally, you need to rest for at least a week after the Rhinoplasty. In a one week, the dressing may be removed and you may apply the makeup on the face.

In case I broke my nose, when should I get a Rhinoplasty?

When your nose is struck and you feel as if it may have been broken, it is good to go to see otolaryngologist to determine the extent of the break. Normally, you should wait for some months after an injury so that you can have the Rhinoplasty because you should wait for the swelling to disappear.