Handsome without surgery

About Handsome without surgery

Minimal Invasive Surgery


MEDICAL INN Clinic offers a wide range of minimal invasive procedures. We offer treatments that can correct almost all skin diseases, interventions to slow down the aging process and even surgery to give a new contour to your body. Non-surgical procedures are alluring, as they are not or hardly noticeable, the risk of complications is very low and the costs are acceptable. Regarding the aging process, minimal invasive procedures can be used as a preventive measure. Such procedures include BOTOX® injections, wrinkle injections and laser skin tightening.


If minimal invasive surgery is performed at early stages of life, you can defer the need for surgical procedures to correct the effects of aging skin. Body contouring procedures such as CryoMed® and AWT® are perfect for the patients who do not want anesthesia and require only a minimal reduction in fat.


Our non-surgical interventions can be performed on young as well as old patients.


The MEDICAL INN Clinic has several gold standard lasers, which can help with acne, hyper pigmentation, and an uneven texture of the skin. At a counseling session in the MEDICAL INN Clinic, you will get professional recommendations and you will be advised with much knowledge and experience which treatment suits your requirements.