Silhouette Soft® – the innovative thread face-lifting


Silhouette Soft® is a new technology, which has a two-fold effect: Lifting effect as well as regeneration effect.
Silhouette Soft® is manufactured in the United States and has been developed on the basis of a 6-year experience in the use of thread fixation with cones (cones) in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The product consists of poly lactic acid and glycolic acid. These components are completely degraded in the body within 8-24 months.

Silhouette Soft® - das innovative Fadenlifting

Removal of thread veins

Thread veins are located closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins and are smaller. They appear as unpleasant stains. Since they are dark, they are hard to conceal and can be embarrassing. Do you think that you are a hopeless case? Not with the platforms for pulsing light for laser vein removal in the MEDICAL INN Clinic!

Thread veins disappear and leave your skin as immaculate as it should be.

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With the age, the fine cheek lines become worse just like the pigment irregularities and enlarged, clogged pores. Would you do something about it? Learn about Microdermabrasion!

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Virtually painless, a microdermabrasion leaves no or almost no redness after treatment. It restores your youthfulness and the elasticity of the skin in less than an hour. The treatment is so gentle that it does not affect many other types of skin treatment.

Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Everything about the treatment of melasma

 Stains, irregular skin discoloration and dark spots with uneven edges – discoloration of the skin, known as melasma, are frequent complaint of many women around the world. Although they can, sometimes, be confused with suntans (solar brownness), this is not a desirable state, since these stains adversely affect smooth facial skin.




For old and young people, acne is an embarrassing skin condition that can affect the self-confidence and social as well as professional relationships. Fortunately, with developments in plastic surgery, there are acne treatments with laser that utilize the latest technology.

Discover the beauty of a clear, pimple free skin. The MEDICAL INN Clinic is proud to introduce the latest development in the treatment of acne and acne scar treatment, designed to combat acne without the administration of drugs or aggressive creams and ointments and to prevent the possibility of further outbreaks. You can also eliminate the appearance of acne scars. There are two technologies for Laser acne treatment.

Laser removal of skin tags / appendages

Laserentfernung von Hautanhaengseln

Skin tags / appendages (fibroids) are benign tumors hanging from a narrow shaft that look like soft, small balloons of hanging skin. They most frequently occur on the eyelids, at the beginning of the neck, in the groin, under the breasts and in the areas where the skin rubs against skin. They are not contagious, so if one is removed, therefore it not more appear thereof. Some people simply tend to develop them. Genetics, hormone boosts (for example during pregnancy) and obesity are known factors, and athletes sometimes develop them in the areas where the skin is repeatedly irritated by impacts. Sometimes, babies develop them in skin folds. These ulcers can be pretty annoying and generally do not look nice. Sometimes, they can get caught in jewelry or zippers. They can be irritated by friction of the clothing and can cause pain, especially during sports activities.


Removing them with a laser is the most ideal method because it is quick and easy, and painless than any other method. The Er: Yag laser which we use in the MEDICAL INN clinic, is exceptionally precise and can be used to target only a tiny segment of the skin, without affecting the surrounding area. The procedure is so performed that there is no – or only very minimal bleeding and there is no pain. The natural antiseptic properties of laser light reduce the risk of secondary infection and strong scarring and ensure a quick healing. Therefore, the laser is the absolute preferred method to remove skin tags / appendages.

Handsome with surgery

brust op duesseldorf

Handsome with surgery

From head to toe, there are surgical procedures that can correct, improve, and shape your face and body. Always on the cutting edge of technology, the Medical Inn Clinic offers innovative surgery, which is not available in every clinic. Areas such as the breasts and the buttocks can be improved and enlarged, while one can shape and define the waist. Our surgeons focus on their areas of expertise to ensure that you get the safest and most beautiful results. Areas of expertise range from plastic surgery to genital surgery for women.

All procedures are performed in Medical Inn Clinic by certified physicians associated to surgical centers. Depending on the procedure, a local or general anesthesia is necessary. During all operations requiring a general anaesthetic, certified anesthesiologists are also present. An informative discussion with our knowledgeable and qualified doctors will help you to decide what surgical procedure is best suitable to achieve your goals.

Fat Transfer


The own body fat treatment in the Medical Inn Clinic

Own body fat treatment at the Medical Inn clinic can be a wonderful intervention, as it has two advantages; fat is removed from an undesirable part of your body and placed at a place where you want more shape and volume!

An fat transfer treatment is performed at the Medical Inn clinic as an outpatient procedure. You will receive a local anesthetic at two places: the “donor site” from where the fat is removed, and at a place where the fat is injected (“”receptor site”). A small needle on a syringe is used to suck off the fat. Excess fluid is removed and the fat is injected under the skin of the target area. This process can be repeated to achieve the desired result. Own body fat treatment is also known as own body fat transplantation or micro-lipo injection.

Fat Freezing

About CryoMed® (Fat freezing/melting)

Even with the healthiest lifestyle in combination with sports and diet, some fat cannot be simply expelled. Countless Situps, jumping, hours of cardio and small meals dominated by fresh vegetables – the fat remains at some places of the body, and taunts us by flourishing and accumulating. It is incredibly annoying and discouraging for both men and women. That’s why many decide for cosmetic surgery as a solution.

Persistent fats can have a negative impact on a desirable body shape, add dents and rings that interrupt the beautiful curves and lines of the human body. Mainly on thighs, buttocks, hips, flanks and belly, fat is the first thing what we want to get rid of, but it is the last thing that goes. Unfortunately, this is so characterized by our physiology.


Chemical Peels

chemische peelings

If you suffer from bad complexion, acne, spotted skin, wrinkles and even actinic keratosis, it can affect your social and professional relationships. It is time to do something about it!

Chemical peelings at the MEDICAL INN Clinic peel off the top layers of the skin. In an intervention, which usually lasts less than half an hour, unpleasant abnormalities are removed or minimized and the smooth and healthy skin underneath is exposed. The healing process, during which you must follow the instructions for the proper care of the treated skin, stimulates the growth of fresh, collagen-rich skin. A series of chemical peelings at specific intervals can strengthen the skin. The treated skin will be even more resistant to environmental impacts.

A number of problems, from which the skin suffers, like Sun damage, acne, acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation can be treated.

For a complete refresh of the youthfulness of your skin, chemical peelings with other anti-aging procedures and products can be combined that are offered at the MEDICAL INN Clinic.